Chronic infections

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  1. I have had two infections in one week. I woke up with face swollen from tooth abcess.Now ear infection.Is there alink between chronic infections and fybro? Just 2 years ago it was a staph infection that made myface swell up.Ijust don't know hom much of these problems I can handle,on top of the chronic pain. Ruthie
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    for many, maybe most of us. The type of infection seems to vary from person to person, I guess depending on what they are more vulnerable to.

    I've had chronic yeast infections for over 7 yrs. I din't have problems before this, but 9 mths of abx made me susceptible and now I can't shake it.

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    Dear Ruthie,
    Have you had any root canals? I had 2 doctors that were convinced that there was a defnite connection.

    I have 4 areas of bone marrow infection from root canals. I can't take antibiotics, or have them cut out surgically so I do the best I can. My doctors did a whole study on this subject.

    I've written about this a lot. You can do a search, if you like. I'm having a bad Rheumatoid Arthritis day, so I cant write much.

    Good luck,
  4. yes I had a root canal. But these are wisdom teeth thatare finallygetting abcessed. Ruthie

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