Chronic Inflammation: A Silent Killer

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    I've been wanting to post on this topic since I read and re-read Dr. Williams August Alternatives Newsletter....he has about 6 pages of "his" research on this topic. I will start and add when I feel
    like sitting more here.

    He talks about Acute vs Chronic Inflammation...Acute he states is usually from an Injury
    or an Infection...if it is not addressed, leads to Chronic Inflammation....and so often Chronic
    Inflammation is "hidden".... He went on to state chronic inflammation can lead to
    cancer, asthma, arthritis, nerve degeneration, diabetes, metabolic syndrome, heart disease,
    stroke, HBPressure, sleep apnea, inflammatory bowel disease (crohns), fibromyalgia and
    chronic fatigue syndrome and dozens of other common and life threaening health problems.

    I've been working HARD on this issue over the years and HARDER in the last year or more...

    I believe the hip replacement surgery, was a trauma/injury to my body...I have gotten
    much much worse since this surgery overall.

    Gotta leave this for a while, will add more later....
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    2..I need to do this in sections as there is so much to mention.

    How do you know if you have a problem with chronic inflammation? If you have any of the chronic diseases mentioned earlier, or if you take medication to treat any of these problems, you most likely have chronic inflammation...CRP blood tests are a good marker, but does not show all chronic inflammation.

    And thanks to a solid body of research, we know what's feeding a lot of these fires...Here are a few of the most common sources...

    Belly Fat -- A Leading cause of Inflammation

    Fat cells used to be thought of as just a storage place for energy...New research in just the last decade has shown t hat the functions of Fat Cells are far more complex than we ever thought and their functions vary depending on where they are located in the body. Abdominal fat cells are different from other fat cells in the body. Visceral (belly) fat plays a large role in insulin resistance, the stepping stone to diabetes and dementia.

    Fat cells produce numerous hormones and chemical messengers that trigger inflammation throughout the body...Men with waistlines that measure 40 inches or more, or women with waistlines 35 inches or more, likely experience chronic inflammation as a result of the Visceral Fat. --- even if their body weight is normal.

    Fat cells also produce a hormone called Leptin. In the simplest terms, leptin tells the brain to STOP eating. (It also influences the thyroid gland and the adrenals.)

    As you produce more fat cells, they produce more Leptin to let the brain know that everything is ok, the body is full, and you need to Stop eating.

    When researchers discovered Leptin, they thought they had found the answer to obesity. But when Leptin was given to overweight individuals, it didn't help, and that is when we learned about "Leptin resistance"..The Fat Cells produce more and more Leptin but it never gets to the brain.

    More later.
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    3. I hope you all get the "drift"....there is much more in the article but I'm condensing.

    Eliminate Belly Fat

    To get rid of excess fat cells, you need to cut SIMPLE carbs out of your diet. Cutting out carbs lowers triglyceride levels and helps allow Leptin to reach the brain so it can tell your body to Stop eating.

    In addition to removing simple carbs from your diet, take supplements such as CLA, creatine, green tea extract, pinolenic acid, saffron extract (Satiereal) and Whey Protein, all of which help to reduce appetite or promote lean muscle development.

    I've been taking Anatabloc since Jan and for 4 months I was feeling like a new person, then it stopped working so much, or my back just got worse and spine too. I've added Zyflamend and now going into 2nd month....

    I plan to try one or more of the above, been reading on green tea extract and like what I've read. I use Whey in my daily green drink, and will continue to use the Whey Protein.

    There is one more herb Dr. Williams talks about and I'll mention it later....for now Stop the chronic inflammation and cut pain and more....
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    On Green Tea Extract:

    I used to drink a cup of green tea daily and haven't for a good year, I bet.
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    More of my thoughts on this issue...Williams talks about acute inflammation caused by injury or infection.

    For me, I'm pretty sure arthritis is an infection....Fibro is a nerve thing, CFS so many theories, but many say an infection.

    So, my thinking is we all have inflammation..

    I just ordered some green tea extract and will give it a good trial. I'm not in the mood NOW to drink green tea and the extract is more powerful anyway...