chronic myofacial pain syndrome

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    Hello to all, thank you so much for all of your replys, it really helps knowing that there are people who care and understand all that i am going through with all of my problems. Family members just don't have a clue, unless someone has walked in our shoes people don't know the extent of our suffering and pain. It's good to know you all are here for me, thanks. I do realize that what I am experiencing with my shoulder, neck,back pain could be mps. I just haven't thought about it until I read all of your posts. I can feel knotts throughout my body and do know that my trigger points are probably very active. I have tryed the prednisone before and I can't stand the jitters from it. Does anyone else know what might work? I have had some facet joint injections recently but they haven't helped much. They last maybe a day if I am lucky. I also have read lately that cortisone is not good for you if you have osteoporosis. My last bone density scan showed mineral loss in my left hip and was told that I don't have osteoporosis yet, but that is where I am headed. I have alot of relatives on my fathers side who have it and my dad was just diagnosed with it within the past year. Thanks again to all of you for caring.
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    If you can find a masseuse who really knows their stuff the trigger release is wonderful. I also have stomach issues and it also helps that too believe it or not.

    The other advice is all good too.

    Love Annie
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    You've already gotten some great advice for MP trigger points as well as FM.

    The only things I'd like to add are acupuncture with a VERY knowledgeable acupuncturist.

    Neuro/biofeedback can also be very beneficial and is non-invasive. It's best to see a neurologist or psychiatrist (MD of some sort) so insurance will pay. It takes patience and perseverence, but it can be very helpful.

    Regarding serotonin, while many with FM/MPS complex have low serotonin, one must be very careful about taking anti-ds or even natural substances that can increase serotonin IF bipolar syndrome (manic depression) runs in one's family.

    Only the best doctors know that sometimes (not always but also not worth the risk) taking something that increases serotonin can trigger a temporary or even permanent manic episode. The last thing any one of us needs is another incurable and painful illness.

    Again, you may not be bipolar, but you could carry a "dormant gene" somewhere that "could" be triggered with anti-ds, etc.

    I wish more doctors knew about this very important information since they throw around anti-ds/SSRIs like candy.

    I have myofascial trigger points literally everywhere but worst of all in my head (yes, my head), the base of my skull, neck (thought for years they were swollen lymph nodes since I also have CFIDS/M.E.), shoulders, shoulder blades, back, etc.

    Myofascial massage by a PT, acupuncture, epsom salt (you can mix it up) baths, gentle stretching...all help.

    Hope you find relief soon!

    LB32 (Leeza)

    Pardon typos as I have incessant, 24/7 head pain...not migraines or headaches...head looking at the screen can be difficult... :p
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    hi Leeza, Thanks so much for all the info, recently i have found bumps on the back of my head and they are tender. My Dr. said it is inflamed tendons but didn't say what to do about it other than if it keeps bothering me maybe an injection would help. I'm so sick of injections that do not work. lots of new symptoms lately and it scares me, today i have severe pain on top of my shoulder going down the side, feels like a knife or something going straight through me and under my arm and on the side of my breast (right side) hurts so much. can't determine if there are lumps or not, just mild pressure to feel for them is intense.have an appt. with my Dr. on the 29th but think i will call tomorrow to see if I can be seen. my checst hurts also and don't know if I'm being paranoid but what if its my heart, have all the risk factors for it.
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    I have suffered for years with both FM&Chronic Myofacial.
    DHEA has changed my life.I have been taking 50 mg daily for 5 years and before DHEA I was mostly in bed on heavy narcotics.Now all I take is DHEA,Ultram with Tylenol and B12 2000 mcg time released.Also a daily vitamin.I still hurt and now and again some days are severe but overall my recovery has been a miracle!!!!Try it for one month and see for yourself.Research DHEA for yourself,the good and bad and then decide.The risk was nothing for me since being in bed with no life and always tired and in pain was the alternative.Good luck