Chronic Neurotoxins--type of doctor

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    The doctor I am seeing is titled under "Preventive and Wellness Medicine"--my general practitioner was not willing to give me anything beyond antidepressants. You might try searching your area for doctors under a similar title, maybe also "investigational" and/or doctors who specialize in CFS and other syndromes. I found mine through the American College of Advancement in Medicine--they provide physician searches by area. These types of doctors are usually more open to new research and ivestigating roots of syndromes instead of just treating symptoms (if they acknowledge the symptoms to even exist). Even though they
    might not be familiar with this particular research, they may be willing to look into it and follow the protocol. Dr. Shoemaker also provides a list of referring physicians--one may be in your area.
    I feel really fortunate to have found this doctor, even though my insurance will not cover him. In the end, it's worth it to know I have a doctor who is truly doing everything he can to see me make progress. Keep looking--good doctors do exist out there!
    Gary and Kim: About not having a gall bladder, I have no idea! That would be a question for Dr. Shoemaker.