chronic pain and addiction?

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  1. Has anyone ever tried to get off any of these medicines for pain?Maybe you have too cause insurance ran out.I was just thinking of trying to wean myself off 10 miligrams of methadone a day,I got it for chronic pain and I think it is a low dosage,I know the sickest people sometimes get sucked into taking medicines and {not knocking it}unknowingly get addicted.I haven't read much about addiction here but if anyone has any advice or stories I would love to hear about them.
    Please do not think I am at all suggesting this is a good move for me, or anyone else in chronic pain , I just thought maybe when I feel better I could try. Ruthie
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    are still saying, there is a difference between dependence and addiction. Research it online, there are lots of sites. You might check the American Association of Pain Medicine while you are at it. Good luck. Bambi
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    There has been a lot of discussion here regarding addiction versus dependence. I occasionaly several or more days without my pain med, praise the Lord! I don't have withdrawal symtoms and don't crave the med.

    A diabetic depends on insulin to have any quality of life.

    I depend on my pain meds to have any quality of life.

    If we heard of a diabetic trying to "wean" themselves off of insulin we would think they were insane!

    Please do a search here on this subject. I think you will find a lot of info and great explainations of the difference between addiction and dependence.

    As far as the methadone, I have no experience with it.


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  4. Ok I am 100 percent behind you Vamps.We need a normal life pain is no choice! Just wondering about a couple people I know who take 12 vicodin a day when they are to take 6 and taking methdadone too . SO we know that some chronicly ill people have fallen into an addiction.But definelty not there fault! There are not many,

    Also Before I got sick I tried to make hubby get off all these meds{he was taking way over what doc said}And read a great article about living with chronic pain,It was all about people needing a normal life and help with pain,So I stopped trying to get him to quit.