chronic pain and deterorating disc disease and others

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    Hi there
    I'm having problems with my doctor,He want,s me to stop my pain medicine,But I have chronic and servere pain.I just went threw three days of,servere pain and fibro fog and very servere pain and depression.I'm on alot of meds put I can't seem to go on like this ,I need someones help .
    Please if you know what I'm going threw please let me know.
    I'm 52 years old and had 4 operation from my neck down to L4 and L5 and a back fustion,Now my neck is really bad,My disc;s are disapearing,and I will need a neck fustion,
    I'm getting injection in my neck ,but they don't really help that much.And my hips are starting to go .I lose balance,and my hips really hurts,Can any one help me find a good doctor in southeast pa.thank you.
    must go now my hands are starting to hurt from typying.
    I want my life back.
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    soft hug {{{{{littlesquawl}}}}}

    I don't have DDD so can't help you there, must be awful.

    Take care, I'll be thinking of you.