chronic pain and rem sleep disruption and healing of injuries

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    I had an accident in aug 1997. I damaged permanently my left shoulder rotator cuff and a/c joint. I developed severe chronic pain in my shoulder which remained untreated (exept for chyropractic) for about a year.A rear ender, I was holding onto the steering wheel. I also damaged my lower right hip & buttox. My public insuranced then finally decided that they would supply physiotherapy etc. I I was T-boned in Jan 00. adding more damage to the two areas. Because of the intense pain there was fear that I might be having a heart attack, and an echocardiogram was done and I was diagnosed with a BI-VALVE aortal valve with a 5.4 cm dilation of my aorta. I was unable to do strenuous exertion to help get my strength back into my shoulder and lower back leading to a host of residual pain throughout the body and I developed some sleep disorders and insomnia. In May of 02, I was diagnosed with sleep apnea, restless leg syndrome, and REM sleep disruption.Most which manifested themselves after the accidents.I have been told that sleep (full rem etc.) is absolutely essential for the repair of muscular skeletal damage. I still have the pain associated with the initial accidents and the Physio & chiro I recieved over the last few years was in fact useless for the healing process. I am now lobbying our public isurance to pay for further assistance in pain management and services like phisio & chiro bcause I am now using a CPAP macchine and mirapax and clonazopane to help me get full proper sleep. I find that I feel much more rested and may now have a further chance to rdeam some of my pre-accident muscle tone and health back. My P.I.C. states that this is not possable and are refusing to comply with my request for help. I need some proof for the fact that chronic pain came cause insomnia and sleep problems,and insufficient sleep can hinder physical,mental, and emotional healing & health.I feel that you can help me bettere understand this problem. If you have another sight which deals with sleep disorders and the inability of the body to heal please send them to me by E-MAIL. thank you ever so there are studies apparently made with athletes who tried to body build while not getting proper sleep and they were found not to be able to build up the bulk because the body couldn't heal properly. could I get some info from a study or anything which will prove this theory. Thank you Keith