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    People suffering from any long term chronic painful condition also often have bouts of depression. Whether it is caused by chemical imbalances associated with the physical body, or stems from mental stress, it affects your health in a profound way.

    Aromatherapy is a useful tool in conjunction with other therapies to help produce more positive feelings. To support emotional healing, touch in the form of massage can greatly enhance recovery.

    Herbal References

    As a nerve sedative it is valuable for depression and states of anxiety.. Bergamot oil has a slightly irratation effect on the skin in high concentrations, but the reverse if used in moderation (1%). It must never be used neat on the skin in the presence of sunlight. Robert B Tisserand

    Clary Sage
    As an anticonvulsive-euphoric-sedative clary is indicated in nervous, hysterical, paranoid, panicky states of mind and is one of the best remedies for depression, of whatever orgin. It is a good tonic of the womb, and of the female system is general. Robert B Tisserand

    Black Pepper
    In homoeopathic practice black pepper is used for difficulty in concentrating, heavy headache, nosebleed, flatulence, colic, cough and a sad, apprehensive state of mind. Robert B Tisserand

    In some cases of mental depression and delusions, oil of lavender proves of real service...A few drops of lavender rubbed on the temple will cure a nervous headache..Lavender oil is successfully used in the treatment of sores, varicose ulcers, burns and scalds. Maud Grieve

    St. John's Wort
    Thanks to phytochemicals such as hyperforin and hypericin St. John's wort helps brighten the moods of people wiht mild to moderate depression and anxiety. It also helps people out of the winter doldrums, a syndrom called seasonal affective disorder (SAD), although it is less effective against the up-and-down mood swings of bipolar depression. James Duke

    St. John's Wort
    St. Johns wort is used in hysteria and nervous depression . For children troubled with incontinence of urine at night, an infusion or tea of St.Johns wort given before retiring will be found effectual ..St. John's wort is used in all pulmonary complaints, bladder troubles, in suppression of the urine, dysentery, worms, and dirarrhea. Maud Grieve

    Melissa (lemon balm) appears to be so unsurpassed in treatment of herpes, it is so effective that the active ingredient has been isolated and is sold in Germany in an antiherpes preparation called Lomaherpan...Melissa is an aromatic with a long reputation for having calming properties. Melissa is used for nervous heart, depression, restlessness, excitement, headache and insomnia. Marlene Ericksen

    Rosemary is beneficial for low blood pressure, or when a person has cold extremities, is sluggish, and is in a deficient condition. The British Herbal Pharmacopoeia lists rosemary as a specific for depressive states with general debility and cardiovascular weakness. Marlene Ericksen

    Lovely, fragrant and relaxing, and uplifting- these words describe lavender, which relieves both anxiety and depression Linda B. White, M.D.

    St. John's Wort
    While more commonly used to treat depression, St. John's Wort is really a tonic, or overall health booster for the entire nervous system. According to studies, it can inhibit influenza A viruses and parinfluenza virus, which produces flu-like symptoms, but not cold viruses...St. John's can be used in several ways to fight herpes, internally in capsules, tea, or tincture, or externally in compresses made from tea. You can also apply the infused oil or tincture to active lesions. Linda B. White, M.D.

    Herbalists consider vervain especially helpful when depression is related to chronic illness. As an added benefit, it can help to heal any damage that has occurred to the liver Linda B. White, M.D.

    Many American scientists aren't convinced, but clinical studies involving people and animals, as well as test tube experiments, suggest that ginseng may boost mood, improve memory and attention, lengthen physical and mental endurance, improve test scores, and ease anxiety. James Duke

    Though beautiful and fragrant, lavender is a potent herb and is best used in combination with other herbs when taken internally. For headaches, lavender should be used in combination with melissa (lemon balm) and skullcap. For muscle spasms and cramps, it works wonders when combined with valerian. For depression, lavender should be mixed with borage flowers. Rosemary Gladstar

    Quick Tips
    For mild depression enjoy 1 or 2 cups of lemon balm tea a day
    For depression, choose stimulant and tonic essential oils, such as jasmine and angelia to be used at least three times a week in baths and foot massages.

    Diffuse 5 drops of basil in an aromalamp to lift depression

    Helpful Herbs for: Depression
    Angelica * Basil * Bergamot * Camphor * Chamomile * Chaste Tree * Clary Sage * Geranium * Ginkgo * Ginseng * Hemp/Cannabis * Jasmine * Lavender * Mate * Melissa * Neroli * Parsley * Passion Flower * Patchouli * Rose * Sandalwood * St. John's Wort * Vervain * Ylang-Ylang *

    Herbal Remedies
    Antidepressant Blend
    Angelica ........... 5 drops
    Cardamon ............6 drops
    Basil ...............2 drops
    Carrier Oil .........1 ounce
    Great for use as a foot massage
    Angelica * Cardamom * Basil *
    Method: Essential Oil Massage
    Use: Depression

    Please Consult with your Doctor before trying anything new.These are not my ideas but those of others I have found.I MAKE NO CLAIMS THAT THEY WILL HELP.I just know that there have been discussions on herbs.

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