chronic pain for nearly everday

Discussion in 'General Health & Wellness' started by Weatherly2, May 31, 2004.

  1. Weatherly2

    Weatherly2 New Member

    Does anyone know what helps chronic pain in leg muschles? Also in wrists? Weatherly2
  2. gailette

    gailette New Member

    Bannanas are to be pain.Try it.
  3. Nancy2189

    Nancy2189 New Member

    I take "Voltaren" for it. It doesn't take the pain away, but it helps some. Its for inflammed areas. Nancy
  4. JLH

    JLH New Member

    physician about Neurotin. It has really helped my pain.

    Also, have you ever tried Elavil at bedtime. It helps with leg pain.

    So does Zanaflex, which is muscle relaxer.

    Mention all of these to your doctor on your next visit.
  5. shinlee

    shinlee New Member

    You might find some help for your particular leg muscle pain by contacting LMT, Julie Donnelley. Her technique is called the Julstro method.

    She has helped many people (including triatheletes) with chronic muscle pains using this technique. She travels the US providing workshops on how to release muscle pain with the Julstro technique.

    There is an e-book to download. If you have any questions there is an e-mail posted on the website.

  6. tootie2

    tootie2 New Member

    Quinine pills are good for this as well.
  7. luv2float

    luv2float New Member

    Maybe you should check out the fibromyalgia message board. Have you considered this may be your problem?
  8. patricia3

    patricia3 New Member

    I take lortab or percocet for the pain everyday
  9. patricia3

    patricia3 New Member

    I have ffibro and lupus and both are painful
  10. Debbie6041

    Debbie6041 New Member

    I find that Magnesium Potassium Aspartate helps quite a bit for the achyness that I have in my muscles from chronic fatigue. I use the Country Life brand. I usually take it (one pill) once or twice daily. When I first discovered that it helped me I took as many as one 4 times a day. After 6 months I wasn't needing as much of it.