Chronic Pain!~PLEASE HELP!!!

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  1. ChelleRupp

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    I have had FMS for 7 years now and I can't find a doctor that can help me.The last doctor I saw prescribed aqua-aerobics and it does not do me any good.My family doctor will only subscribe me stuff like ultram and zoloft.They are nothing but garbage! Can anyone out there please help me find a doctor in the southern illinois area that will actually help me deal with this hell? ~Michelle
  2. selma

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    I know there is a list of good docs.
    We need to inform our PCPs. Good luck, Selma
  3. ChelleRupp

    ChelleRupp New Member

    So where is the list of good docs?
  4. braindead

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    I'm 45 and I have hurt all my life. I have had thousands of test and hundreds of drugs and nothing works. Every muscle and joint in my body hurts. I have lost everything because of the pain {wife and son}. A doctor said I was crazy I guess they believed him and maybe I am. This pain will drive you crazy. It will definitely make you think and do things different. I don't hurt as much if I keep moving around I hurt worse if I sit still. If you find something thats works please let me know.
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    I have just recently been researching Fibromyalgia again on the Internet and came across the number for the Arthritis Foundation. The article said to call their number for help in finding a Fibromyalgia specialist in your area. The phone number is 1-800-283-7800. They also have a web site www dot arthritis dot org. I saw an arthritis specialist who did some research in Fibromyalgia and he helped more than any of the other doctors I had seen in the past. I have had doctors put me on medications that they say worked for other patients but had horrible side effects on me. You have to be persistent and keep trying different things until you find what works for you. I went through a long period where I felt like an experiment in progress and finally put my foot down and went back to what I know worked for me in the past. You are the only one who knows how the medications work for you and if they don't work, the doctor shouldn't be able to keep pushing the same thing on you just because he/she thinks it should work for everyone. I've been there and know how aggravating it can be. I hope the arthritis foundation number is helpful and that you can find a specialist who won't treat you unfairly. Best of luck.
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    The good doctor list is at the top of this page in the blue graphic. Just click there and they will give you a list of doctors in your area.

    I also have Fibro, have had it for over twenty years, it is so painful, and no one really understands unless they also suffer from it.

    I have been to doctors, but to be perfectly honest I have gotten more help from this board and supplements than anywhere else.

    I have not had a bad flare in over a year now, and its due to supplements that I bought right here at Pro Health.

    The only prescribled drug I take is low dose Xanax once a day to calm my 'racing brain' so that I can relax and sleep.

    HOpe you all get some help soon, and welcome to the board.

    Shalom, Shirl
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    do not give up! There are doctors out there who realize the pain of fibro can be severe, and will prescribe opiods if the ultram and zoloft are not working. Look on the Good Drs. List on this site.
    After going through, many docs who offered no help for my pain, I found one on that list.
    Also, I have helped others by typing "Fibromyalgia Specialist" and your state name in a internet search engine. There will be alot of hits to go through, but you can find one.
    I also would suggest calling ahead, and interviewing the receptionist with important questions, such as pain management, before ever making an appt. Be prepared to travel a distance if you need to. My Doctor is a whole days trip, but well worth it, since he has gotten my pain under control.
    There are many doctors that are misinformed about narcotic pain relief. Fortunately, there are those who are compassionate, and well informed. Do not give up, keep insisting, that your pain needs to be addressed. It took me quite awhile, but I finally am out of the place I know you are at. I am so sorry, as I know exactly the hell you are going through.
    Best wishes,
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    He is a leading researcher in FMS CFS and ME. The last time I read any of his work he was doing research in Illinois. This is a guess but I think it was the Univ. Of Illinois. Type Fibromyalgia Network into a search engine and they should be able to help you locate him or someone in your area.Go for it
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