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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by zookeper, Jul 15, 2003.

  1. zookeper

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    First time to this board. I didnt see a board for chronic pain but I do see fibermyalgia linked with chronic pain alot so I posted here.

    I have had alot of weird pain, headaches, pains in my body that seem to move about, cant sleep, etc etc etc.
    Been to my general dr that says I am depressed and gave me pills. Went to a neurologist that tested me and said I had nerve problems in one arm but that isnt even the arm I have pain in.
    I went back to my Dr about the headaches and was given tylenol with caffeine. Didnt help.

    I now stumbled on a website about chronic pain and I fit the bill on everything it lists about symptoms etc.

    Why hasnt any Dr. I have seen thought of this? I am not a hypocondriac and I have never had health problems till a couple years ago after a serious illness and since have been in pain.

    My question is.. What kind of Dr. should I seek out to go to and find out if this is what I have wrong with me?
    I dont want to waste my time with Dr.s that dont think it is real or whatever.

    I am just so tired of being tired and being in real pain.

    Thanks alot
  2. healing

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    Todd, look on the "good doctors" list here for an understanding doc. Or find a rheumatologist in your area. I go to a doc called a Doctor of Osteopathy (DO), who is an MD with extra training. Any of these will help you. Keep working at it! Unfortunately, most of us here have suffered frustrations in getting diagnosed and/or finding the right doc.
  3. reva727

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    It sounds like fibromyalgia to me. I think you should see a rheumatologist or neurologist. Good luck.
  4. tandy

    tandy New Member

    Sure sounds like the ole FM to me!!!(fibromyalgia) It took me a few Drs. and a couple yrs to get a DX. I would try a Rhuematologist~they specialize in autoimmune conditons and arthritic. By the way....I had/have ALL your symptoms and more. I think you need to get to the bottom of this,So you can start a treatment plan.These conditions are very painful.
    Best of Luck!!
  5. Lynda B.

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    Many people put down the general area they live in and ask others if they go to a good FMS doctor. I live in the central Texas area, myself. In Austin, in fact. If you live in a big state it helps to be pretty specific. If you live in a small town far away, then it helps to tell what the closest large city is to you. Most people are very generous in telling each other who they have found to be helpful or completely terrible.

    Lynda B.
  6. suz41

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    Hi Todd:

    From your description, sounds like your doctors may have missed the boat. You sure do sound like many of us here and it could be FM. You have already recieved alot of good info from the ohter board memebers, however you didn't mention whether you have specific "tender" or painful points they range from the neck to below the knees and if you have them you probably know it. Check the library for the diagram on the pressure points and once you find a good physician make a list of your symptoms from the most bothersome and bring it with you. Anyways could ramble on but you probably have ealot ot digest already, welcome to our world, keep us posted on how you are doing we are all here for each other Take Cre.
  7. zookeper

    zookeper New Member

    Thanks to everyone that answered my post.
    You have given me alot of help and I do much appreciate it.
    I am so glad to know that there are Dr.s out there that do understand this illness.
    I tell ya, when I go to the Dr.s I go to know I get a feeling they think I am just out for pills.
    Funny thing is I am not an addict of any kind and I always tell them I prefer natural treatments but still the Dr makes me feel weird.
    I am going to go and check out the Dr. Boards you talked about. I will get to the bottom of this.
    Thanks again
  8. NJPike

    NJPike New Member

    TENS stands for Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation. A TENS machine looks like a big pager with leads coming out of it which lead to sticky pads you attach to the painful bit. When you switch it on, it sends small electical currents through your skin - it feels tingly - a bit like very mild pins and needles, and you can control the intensity. From what I understand, your nerves get so busy registering this tingling with your brain, that the pain message gets lost along the way. It's also thought to stimulate the endorphins that are the body's natural painkiller. Pain relief that really works with no drugs!( I'm using mine right now!) It's great for localised pain (for example your arm) but not so good if the pain is all over - there aren't enough leads to cover your whole body at the same time!

    TENS machines are pretty easy to get hold of in the UK - £70 from Boots. I don't know about availability in other countries. I first found out about them by being referred to a pain clinic which lent me one on a trial basis, after which I bought my own.