chronic pain?

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    I was just wondering if thier are others here who, think they have something else besides fibro and myofacial pain?
    I have had so many test, but i alway wonder that theres something they our missing?

    know one ever complains like i have. honestly the arm and shoulder pain i had before all myyyyyyyyyy back pain, was like shooting needles . well i guess what im saying is i was a mess, literally shaking from this pain!!!

    and then when my back pain hit , it was like lightning stabs, really out of control! I was utterly lost in a world of pain, thinking how could anyone servive this!

    I guess what im trying to say is if you were me, would you want more test??

    do any of you have stinging back pain?

    sorry i just had to vent, im having a bad pain day

    love to all roll
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    There is a excellent website from the medical clinic "Kerlan Jobe" that has very detailed info on causes of shoulder pain.

    I suggest you see a orthopedic specialist. If you go to their site there is a icon for the shoulder that describes several conditions and treatments.

    Kerlan Jobe is a world famous orthopedic group. Hope you find out what is wrong soon.

    Take care...

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    thanks for your advice.. Its real diffacult for me and the reason is im finally on disabillity, and i would hate to mess any thing up. It took so long for me to get my first check, just like so many others here, its such a long drawn out prosses.

    My other problem with it is , I feel so much better than i did when it all first hit me, I truelly feel what ever happened in my back and arms is healing(sry about the spelling)But then again its been such a monster to deal with, makes me wonder what my future holds.

    I hate doctors before all this i never went unless very ill or child birth.And this may sound strange but, I think what happened to me is a medical mistory. I think it would be like looking for a needle in a hay stack.

    personally i think the only way they can see what happened, would be to cut me open.sorry to be so graphic but that how i feel.

    I know i have fibro and myofacial pain , even though know one in my family suffers from it.But i beleave it was braught on by some other kind of monster sort of speek.

    love to all

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    I still think you should get a MRI of your shoulder and back where it is hurting. These tests are amazing.

    If you are having pain causing you to shake, there is something wrong.

    If anything, finding something else wrong will help your disability.

    The website I mentioned has detailed info and pictures of shoulder problems.

    Lastly, no they probably don't have to cut you open. The MRI is so detailed. I recently had MRI of abdomen, pelvic and shoulder. That was to rule out anything else before gallbladder surgery.

    Take care..

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    thanks for your help, I have had a mri of neck and cant recall what other one ive had, but i also had a complet body bone scan, and they still didnt see anything. I remember when this first started how i cried because all the test they were running, had nothing to do with the areas that were causing all my pain. That was soooo frustrating. I guess ill have a talk with my doc about this at my next appointment, hes not very good, would love to find a better doctor, one with more knowledge on chronic pain. thanks again for your thoughts
    love roll