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    I was in a car accident 6 mths ago.I injured my hip and leg.
    My lower back is also throbing with pain.I have a profound limb in my right leg.I was wondering if chronic pain, has to be considered fibro ? I dont have All the signs of Fibro with pain in Most pressure points ? HELP PLS !!!!!
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    Before you are Dx'd with Fibro, make sure they have exhausted all other tests. Symptoms Vary from person to person.

    Yes it could be fibro but also it could be something else. Make sure your doctors are running tests to rule out other possiblities.
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    My injury started out the same way as yours did. They called it chronic pain for a long time also. However until a Mayo Doc let it slip one day that it was Fibromyalgia. I questioned him on the spot due to the fact that i felt it was all along. He stated, what is the difference it is all Chronic pain that you have to deal with anyways. There is no cure for it. Doctors are touchy with things of this nature I have found when it comes from accidents such as work comp and auto accidents.

    It was explained to me that chronic pain is when your nerves become like a short curcuited wire and know nothing but pain. Even when the injury heals they have no way of detecting this and just send pain message after pain message. That is what the Mayo clinic told me.

    I know the flustration but just hang in there and be insistant okay. Don;t let them discourage you okay. You know your body more then anyone else does and tell them that.
    Best of luck,
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    A little over two years ago I slipped and fell - hit my neck and ended up having replacements and bars and fusion....within three months of the surgery I was diagnoised with fms......I have been saying all along that this has to be from the nervous system...and now all I've been reading says the same thing....why else would it move around??? Eventually you will have a doctor that will do the "spot" check....I think there are 16...if you have 10 or a 11 of them.....the bell rings and you win....they are doing a study in California ready for the end of spring...they are testing a beta blocker.....since the nervous system doesn't have the brain shut off adrenaline at night they think that that may be why your body is so tense and painful in the daytime....let's hope they figure something tired of pain....