Chronic Sinusitis

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  1. mellow

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    This sinus problem is driving me mad. I can't get rid of it even though I have been taking two courses of doxycycline, it keeps returning. This has been going on for too long now and I worry about taking antibiotics all the time. I can't take penicillin. I will be o.k. for a week and then it starts again. I wake every morning with blocked sinuses and a headache and on top of the FM/CFS I could really do without this. Have had x-rays and they appear normal. Have taken beconase sprays etc. but they don't seem to help. I have an appointment with an ENT specialist but any advice from you guys would be helpful.
    Luv Mellow
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    I am currently being treated with zithromax for a sinus infection and a abcessed tooth. I have had sinus infections for years. Last spring I was feeling sick all over, I also have severe tmj and a painful denture. I thought it was from that. A cat scan showed up a chronic infection. I have been told that xrays won't pick it up. I took Cipro for 3 weeks. But what really cleared me was using moist heat several times a day. All of a sudden the yellow yuck started coming thru. Before that my nose was terribly dry. Good luck with that infection, I know it's so much fun!!!
    Love, Deb

    P.S. you could try using a cool mist vaporizer in your bedroom at night.
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  3. healing

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    I know this can cause repeated sinus infection-type problems, and it doesn't respond to ABX. Lots of folks on this board have it. Assume your doc has done a culture, but it's worth checking out.
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    I'm a sufferer too of chronic sinus infections!the stuffiness and head pain~ The ONLY thing that has helped me ,along with the antibiotics,is to use warm salt water and sniff it up each nostril~then pinch your nose shut and tip your head back just for a minute.(you should feel it drip down your throat).Then lightly blow the yukky's out with a tissue!!might sound gross....but ya want that stuff otta there!For feels good!because it really loosens that stuff up like no other nasal spray!!and its much better for you~ Even when i'm not having sinus trouble,I still do the salt water nasal flushes once or twice a week. Its helped me the most!!I use to have them I've been OK for a few months~and for me,thats real good!!(just use a dropper)The moist hot washcloth over your sinus's helps too.
    Try it....I think it'll help! (my dr. suggested this for me,and for my little ones when there stuffy with a cold)
    Let me know how you make out~ hope you feel better!
    Warm ((Hugs)),
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    every 4-6 weeks last year...You need to look at Carla-nl posting on research that has been instigated at the Mayo Clinic linking chronic sinusitis to fungal causation, instead of bacterial...therefore, if you use antibiotics so much, you can be causing the very thing you are trying to get rid of...

    They are suppose to be working on effective treatment for chronic sinusitis..But, right now, I am finding much better treatment with the OLive Leaf kills all kinds of pathogens, including fungal/bacterial...and when I go off the OLE, my sinuses get blocked, I think it is definitely working on them, and it is suppose to help the sinuses..or you could try antifungal treatments...


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    I have had problems with sinus and head pain, my rhuemy said head pain was due to fibromyalgia, but every morning when i wake up my nose is very blocked up and when i blow it my nose bleeds and it feels sore and dry. Could this be a sinus infection, also my eyes are sensitive to light and i have to wear dark glasses to protect them.
    Has anyone else had these problems ?
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    Don't I know what you are talking about, having had these for the last 15 yrs. - after I found an article by the Mayo Clinic also, that explained the reason why antibiotics in most cases of chronic sinusitis do not work because these infections are caused by fungi.
    I luckily convinced my doctor to prescribe an antifungal med (Nizoral) and it has worked wonders. However, when I am off it (it might cause liver damage), the infections seem to come back.
    As you, I am trying to get more input into this problem. With the severety of these infections, to get rid of them without a med is almost impossible, believe you me, I have tried. What I do, however, is add alternatives which are o.k. when I do not have a flare-up.
    Hope, you also get the sinusitis under control and take care, Lucky

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  8. RachelLeah

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    I've been fighting chronic sinusitis for about 6-7 years. The chronic pain and headaches- I know it all too well. I even had sinus surgery to (I guess) clean them out, for lack of a better explanation. This did not help at all. I would not recommend it. I continued to get infections and even saw an ear nose and throat doc at the Univ. of Michigan. That was a wasted trip. It was my Pediatrician (at the age of 14) who had me get a blood test done to see if I had allergies.
    To make a long story short!...... I went to an Allergist and got tested and he said I was a poster child for allergies.LOL I had severe allergies to dust, mold, pets, and basically everything outside. The Allergist says this caused the chronic sinus infections. He started me on allergy shots and a combination of meds, which took a while to work. But I will say that they cleared up my infections and gave me a lot of relief.
    Unfortunately, after I turned 18 I was off my parents insurance then diagnosed with FM and so I didn't have insurance or the money to get shots any more. Needless to say my sinus infections came creeping back. I swear I've had this current infection since Nov of last year!

    Also-I've just started using this Sinus Rinse. It's a small packet of Sodium Chloride & Sodium Bicarbonate that you mix with warm water and squirt it up your nostrils. I don't think I can name it on this board, though. If you email me I can give you the web address, if you'd like. I got it at my pharmacy. He's the one that told me about it. It clears out all the junk in your nose/sinuses. You're supposed to use it when you have sinus pressure and it does relieve a lot of it for me.

    It's just something for you to think about. I'm not claiming it's a cure or anything! This is just what helps me, but I know all people are different. I'm usually willing to try anything to get rid of my suffering. Best of luck to you! I hope you find something that helps. You don't need the added extra pain.

    -Rachel (