Chronic Sore Throat

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by mncjl, Feb 11, 2006.

  1. mncjl

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    Tell me about your chronic Sore throat with CFS and Fibro. Mine is daily and burns when I eat anything with sugar or acid - immediately. It is always sore. And, no strep or acid reflux. I've been through every test in the book!
  2. Cromwell

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    This does not sound right. Have you any mold in the house? A thought is that you can get a pill that coats the throat, it is for reflux, cannot think what it is, not acid reducer-darn fog! This one works by coating that whole tongue through stomach. Gee, who knows the name please?

    Hope someone can recall the name. Love Anne
  3. mbofov

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    I too had a chronic sore throat for years. I discoverd two different causes.

    The first I had was caused by a pantothenic acid deficiency due to stress. Pantothenic acid is crucial for adrenal health and I had been under chronic severe stress. When I started taking a good B complex vitamin and extra pantothenic acid (about 500 mg. a day), the sore throat stopped. This particular sore throat was accompanied by burning feet (strange but true) and the burning feet also stopped when I started taking pantothenic aicd.

    The second sore throat was more elusive. I too always tested negative for strep; however, the sore throat would go away when I took antibiotics so it was bacterial in origin. My chiropractor told me I had a chronic low-grade strep infection which did not show up on the tests because it wasn't severe enough. But it was enough to make me tired all the time.

    I couldn't take antibiotics all the time, and finally got rid of that sore throat by taking colloidal silver. I gargled with it and took several teaspoons a day, for about a month. I herxed rather severely the first few days so knew it was doing something.

    The sore throat came back briefly a few months later and I re-treated with the colloidal silver, and it has pretty much stayed away.

    My throat seems to be my Achilles heel - I had strep a lot as a child. Anyways, I hope this helps --

  4. mncjl

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    I have been tested for every allergy in the book! And, none to be positive. I hear that sore throat is a common part of chronic fatigue. So, I guess I want to know if mine is common or not. I take Vitamins and good complex ones. And, that is not helping either.
  5. Adl123

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    I would like to echo what Mary said about stress. Whenever I get under severe stress, I immediately get a sore throat and the Fibro around my muscles increases. My glands hurt a lot, too. Pantothenic acid might really help... I know I'm going to try it.

    Thanks, Mary.
    Hugs to all,
  6. ilovecats94

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    When I get a sore throat and it stays around all day then I am pretty sure it is thrush (oral yeast). I even went to the doc and he told me it was a virus. My strep test was negative. Yeah, but it turned out to be thrush and I was on meds by another doc for 19 days. Hasn't come back since, thankfully.

    A morning sore throat that goes away can be allergies too. I think I also have GERD.

    I only have FMS, not CFIDS. Good luck and I hope you will feel better really soon. :)

  7. Lolalee

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    I know I have pushed myself too is one of the CFIDS symptoms when I am in a flare.

    Sore throat for me is a sign that I need to rest.
  8. Cycie

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    I have a continual sore throat for years, but about every 3-4 mths I get a tiny little red lump thingy on the back of the throat and it causes me so much pain and just knocks the stuffing outta me, unless I get antibotics into me really quick it takes a long time to come good again and I can be laid up for weeks.
    I may get the Doc to take a swab next time it comes up, what do you guys think, he said it could be because I am a smoker????
    Any other smokers get this ????????

    Luv the Board
    Gentle Hugs 2 all
  9. Stillkicking

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    Regarding the sore throat, I was wondering if you have had a xray of your sinuses. I complained for many years of a sore throat and never had an sinus xray which would have solved the mystery.