Chronic Sore Throat

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  1. dhcpolwnk

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    I've written about this before, but after my endoscopy yesterday, I'm beginning to wonder whether I'm making a mistake by attributing my chronic sore throat to GERD. I did some searching on the Internet, and aside from allergies (which I think would affect more than *just* my throat) and mouth breathing (which I don't do), everything else seemed to involve a fever (which I don't have).

    I know a lot of people on this board have a medical background. Do you have any ideas about what this might be if it's *not* GERD-related? I'm seeing my ENT doc on Monday (Sept. 22), and it might be useful to have some relevant things to ask her about.


    --Laura R.M.
  2. kellygirl

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    I have a sore throat that comes and goes depending on if the virus is flaring up that day. I drink hot chamomile or green tea and honey, which coats the throat. It usually helps. Right now, strep throat is around, too............
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    I've had a chronic sore throat ever since I got Mono in 1999. They feel a lot like strep but I go to my Dr.--he tests for strep which comes back neg. and won't give me antibiotics b/c he says it's viral. I also get a headache along with the sore throats which can be a sure sign of infection but again, my blood work always comes back OK. At present my throat has been really hurting on the left side but it tends to switch on occasion to the right and then at times it's both sides. I so wish my parents would have had my tonsils out at a young age because I suffered majorly with tonsillitis as a child. I'm 52 now and no Dr. I've seen wants to even consider taking them out. I also have problems with my ears hurting when I get these sore throats but have been to an ENT and the best they can come up with is an ear autoimmune disorder--like I need another one--LOL. They didn't give me meds for this--I will absolutly NOT get on Prednisone again unless it's a life and death situation. I also have Graves Eye Disease which is also autoimmune where the thyroid antibodies attack the eye along with CFIDS/FM. It has been one heck of a rollar coaster ride since I had Mono the summer of '99. I really don't know what to tell you Laura. Hopefully some of the others will have some advice here. (((Big Hugs))) Cat
  4. Mikie

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    Is one of the symptoms of our illnesses. Mine went away when I started the antibiotic therapy.

    Love, Mikie
  5. dhcpolwnk

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    I was recently on Trimox for about 4 weeks for an infection in my jaw. I can't remember whether my throat felt better or not during that period. What antibiotic were you taking, and how long did you take it? I thought antibiotics could be bad for people with FM or CFIDS because it can cause yeast overgrowth. And of course, taking too many antibiotics can make you resistant to future antibiotic treatment if you need it. So I've been a little leery about being on antibiotics for a prolonged period.

    Also, can you explain just how sore throat is related to FMS?


    --Laura R.M.

  6. Mikie

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    I take Doxycycline and have been on it for two years. I take it for mycoplasma infection which has gone stealth in my body. I have taken good probiotics for years and have no problems with yeast overgrowth.

    The class of antibiotics which are used for mycoplasmas do not cause resistant strains of the bacteria because they do not directly kill the bacteria. These are called bacteriastatins rather than bacteriacides. They make it impossible for the bacteria to enter new cells once they kill their host cells and go in search of new cells to invade. The bacteria either starve to death in the blood stream or are killed off by our own immune systems.

    In addition to the Doxy, Zithromax, Cipro, and Minocin are commonly given for mycoplasma infections.

    Love, Mikie
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    Make sure none of the medications you're on can cause this. I was on a BP medicine that caused coughing, which I did for 10 months before we figured out it was the med. I couldn't even sleep at night because of the cough.
  8. dhcpolwnk

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    Thanks for reminding me to check on a possible connection with medications. As for coughing, though, that's not usually a problem for me. I just seem to have an almost continuous low-level irritation in my throat the periodically becomes very raw. I also keep getting hoarse and/or losing my voice completely. And as I said originally, no fever or other allergy-type symptoms.

    --Laura R.M.

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    I had a chronic sore throat for close to 10 years. It would make me very tired, but no fever. Muscle testing indicated it was a mild form of strep, not strong enough to show positive on the strep test, but of course strong enough to make me feel sick. Antiobiotics would clear it up; however, it would always return in a week or two. I am sure it was due to a weakened immune system due to CFIDS. My doctor added 30 mg. zinc citrate (easily absorbed form) to my daily regimen of vitamins and minerals a few years ago. I don't know if that was the key factor, but my immune system seems to be stronger than it used to be, because I only get the sore throats a couple of times a year now, and when it just really won't go away, I do take the antibiotics and then of course have to really dose on acidophilus afterwards. I also take a suitcase full of supplements each day, including l-carnitine (3,000 mg a day, in 1,000 mg doses), vitamin A (which is also very good for immune system), lots of Vitamin C, B-complex, pantothenic acid, Vitamin E, co-enzyme Q-10 and a few others. And have to take digestive enzymes with each meal and with each dose of supplements. Hope this helps.