Chronic Uticaria (Hives) and fibromyalgia

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    Hello everyone...
    I have had chronic hives for about five months now. I have had them in the past, just not this long before. I have read that 90% of chronic hives are not allergy related. They are autoimmune related. I take Zyrtec every night and that helps, but I still have a few everyday (mostly on my hands and feet). I also noticed that I get them on the same place on each side of my body usually. For example, if I get hives on the outside of my thumb, I'll have them on the outside of the other thumb also, in the same place. Has anyone else had chronic hives with their fibromyalgia? I heard this is a common complaint among fibromyalgiacs!! Thanks for listening...
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    Hives are pretty serious, I've only had them from penicillin allergy, and they take a long time to heal. Are they an angry, raised, red rash that's really itchy and painful? Or are they more of a rash that you can see but not feel, as in its not textured and raised?

    if its more of a rash, that isn't raised, then it's probably a histamine reaction and is probably a food sensitivity and that's why it's lasting so long. Because you keep eating whatever is causing it. Sheryld has a post about MSG and histamine reactions. I get the second, less serious rash, but you can only see it when I get out of a long hot shower. It's itchy for a bit, but does fade away after not too long, when I cool down.

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    I just registered here tonight - this is my first post. Your posting interested me. I was NEVER allergic to anything until 8 years ago, and now I am allergic to EVERYTHING!!!! I have gone into anaphylaxis multiple times (with horrible hives) and had to go to ER. They can't figure out what triggers the bad outbreaks. I carry an Epipin and take benadryl and zyrtec everywhere I go. A friend developed the same symptoms too several years after being diagnosed with fibro. There has to be a connection - anybody else have any ideas?
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    I have had various allergies all my life.

    My third grade teacher caused me and several kids in my class to have hives the entire year. She had surgery and was gone six weeks and our hives cleared. They cleared again at the end of the year.

    Stress can lead to hives.

    Six months ago, I awakened with hives which turned to blebs and one burst and it took a month to heal inward.

    I answered a Cardiac Arrest when I was still practicing, and found that they were having difficulty ventilating the patient. I just thought they didn't know what they were doing, so I intubated the patient. Tried to ventilate him, the ventilator bag had been taken apart to clean it, and they had failed to put it back together properly. I called for another bag, and breathed into the tube until they got a new one.

    We got the patient back, I put him on a ventilator, and then proceeded to make a note on the chart. THEN, AND ONLY THEN, THE CHIEF RESIDENT TOLD ME THE PATIENT HAD MENINGOCOCCAL MENINGITIS. Mind you, this patient was not in an infectious area. I BLEW MY TOP. HE SHOULD HAVE TOLD ME THAT FIRST THING INTO THE SITUATION, BUT HE LET ME BREATHE INTO THE TUBE FOR THREE MINUTES.


    I had allergies, and Rifampin, the antibiotic they give to prevent the stuff is toxic stuff. I spoke with an infection control Doc and an Allergist before taking the stuff. Took it, got in the shower, and the hives started popping out. Got out, told my husband to get me to the ER. When I got to the ER, the hives were so bad that one of my students, who was moonlighting in the ER couldn't recognize me. When he did, and said something, I grasped his hand as best I could and told him to intubate me.

    One of the Anesthetists came down, intubated me, and put epinephrine down the endo tube, as I was in such bad shape that they couldn't find a vein. Then, anesthesia put a Central line in. It took epinephrine, benadryl, tons of IV fluids, and all kinds of other stuff to get me somewhat stable. They finally could take the tube out 18 hours later.

    I was so bad, with all this stuff running in drips, and I kept breaking out in places which had cleared. They finally decided it was Stevens Johnson, the bad of the bad in allergic reactions. Sometimes, they slough and either blind people or are like burns.

    Fortunately, mine did not bleb up enough for that, but I was in ICU for several days, and the Chief Resident, who had told me the PATIENT HAD A DEFINITE DIAGNOSIS OF MENINGOCOCCAL, came up to tell me that it was streptococcal, instead, AND HE HAD BEEN WRONG WITH THE DIAGNOSIS AND ALMOST KILLED ME.

    My friend has FM, and she has hives periodically, and my mother who has it, has them periodically.

    I think that it is all part of an autoimmune response, where our bodies overreact to things.

    It would go along with the Study which was revealed the other day.

    ADditionally, occasionally, I just start itching, everywhere and it drives me nuts. The things sometimes last for hours. Trying not to scratch is almost impossible.

    The only thing that seems to help is a shower with Aveeno.
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    I found this link that has some info on hives for you , I do hope you find this helpful to you.

    Let me know and gl with it.


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