Chronic Yeast

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    I have suffered rom Chronic Yeast for Years and have been eating a very strict diet and taking all kinds of supplements. It helps but nothing has been able to cure it. I've spent thousands of dollars trying to resolve my issue. I was recently made aware of the Mercury amalgam dental filling / yeast connection. I have six amalgam fillings in my mouth and am scheduled to get the first and most bothersome one out in 5 days time. I have been speaking with my mother about this problem I've been having and she said that she too suffered from yeast for about ten years or so . When I realized that it was the mercury that was causing my problems I asked my mother if her recovery from her yeast symptoms coincided with any dental work she had done. It indeed had her yeast symptoms when placed on a timeline with her dental work started 1 year after recieving two dental amalgam fillings. Her yeast infections stopped ten years later one year after having her dental amalgam removed and replaced with bridges that contained no mercury. I have never been more convinced I need to get these suckers outta my mouth, so I can start having a life again .... My poor boyfriend!
    Poor me I would love to sue the government for allowing this poison to be placed in our mouths! I hope this helps somebody who cant figure out how to get rid of the yeast.

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