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    Many churches are now offering worship online and online bible study classes. There are many things they offer all for free, including recordings and videos and live chat. Those of us who have been way too sick to attend church now have the opportunity to do so from our computers at home. Here is a list of a few church sites offering free online worship. These are just a few. If you want more, just do a google search for church online.

    Flamingo Road Church:

    Central Christian Church:

    Granger Community Church:

    Seacoast Church:
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    Here is another one for anyone who might be interested in Messianic worship :

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    Great site Holly, I always wanted to know more about Merssianic worship. Didn't know they had a site.

    Shalom, Shirl
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    I'll try them out for sure. This site has sorta dwindled on the Christian posts in the past year, and I have joined another site for the Christian friendship...but the worship services sounds wonderful..................Jole