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    I really don't know anything about your problems with the board moderators or the administration of this board, I'm sorry to say. But, I can see that you are deeply hurt, and I am so sorry that has happened. I can't give you any reason for this...

    I have struggled with mild-moderate anorexia for years so I can't say I understand your feelings, but after my years of taking antidepressants and now FM, I have gained weight, far more than when I was 9 months pregnant. I really hate it, but at this point, there is not much I can do about it. I am trying to gain perspective on the whole thing. I am probably older than you are and have had this battle for many years...a tiring burden.

    I just want you to know that this person cares and so do others. I know you said you were gone for good, but I hope that if you think it would help you to get through this terrible DD, you will continue to post. I'm just sorry about your experience.

    Whatever your decision, know I will pray for you and your life and health. I do hope you are around to read this.

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    to Church Mom as well.. Just seconding Sue's thoughts.. there are alot of folks that do care here.. hope you stick around.. gentle hugs and prayers.. dona
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    I had seen the post on the back pages today, checked it, saw there was no response, and just figured she had gone. Now you have confirmed it. Thank you.

    I'm sorry she left so upset. We did try to let her know that she was welcome and we were sorry about the deletion,and that's all we could do. I had no idea about any problem she had until I read it on the thread...I never know about problems...must just have a knack of staying out of problems.

    So, well...we did what we could. Thanks again for the support and the report! (-:

    Have a great weekend...what's left of it, that is.