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    Well my Cochlear Implant is in and the surgery is over! I had a rough time,not with the CI surgery but the rib pain,I think I have a touch of Pneumonia. I had some Doxy and am taking that and it's helping. It will be one month before they activate my implant.
    We hit all the storm system in Pitts. on the 9th,going to the hospital. It was awful.So much flooding and traffic was horrible.
    Al (my husband) has been very sick too and won't eat nothing. That worries me ! I'm afraid I'm losing him!! I'm heart sick!! Pray for him PLEASE. We need God to intervene for us,as only he can do!
    Thank You all for supporting me though this surgery!
    Hugs Shirley
  2. fairydust39

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    No Al is home,there isn't much they can do for him. I try to make everything he likes to eat and temp him with it. Nothing taste right to him now. He has no sense of taste at all.All we can do is Pray that Gods will be done.
    It will be much easier when I can hear. Now I am almost totally deaf and he is really weak. The kids come today and mowed the yard and that helps me a lot.
    Hugs Shirley
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    I'm glad your surgery went well. I hope Al feels better soon.

    Have you tried the liquid meals? My mom used to drink those when she was unable to eat, and they helped her from being so weak. I forget what they are called!

    hugs and prayers
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    I have a juicer and I make some veggie juice for him .Nothing taste good to him now. I will try the liquid meals but now my hair is shaved on the leftside so can't go to the store.
    I will get it for him when I can go. I have a special hat to wear and after my incision heals,I can wear that!
    Please continue to pray for us.
    Hugs Shirley