Cider Vinegar for Herpes Viruses?

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    In my research today I came across two sites, Keephopealive and Diagnose Me that mentioned Cider Vinegar as a treatment for EBV,CMV, and Herpes viruses.

    I was wondering if anyone has tried the following recipe. It was given the rating of "it may be helpful."

    1-2 tablespoons of either Apple cider Vinegar in 4-6 oz. of water 3X daily 8 hours apart.

    Is this just another fad? I thought we were supposed to be on an alkaline diet? Isn't vinegar acidic? Oh, well.

    A penny for your thoughts

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    I think if it were that easy, we'd all be taking apple cider vinegar. I know from home testing my ph that I am quite acidic most of the time. When I take "green foods" from the health food store, it will go into the normal range but only as long as the green food remains in my body and then I'm back to being acidic. I've changed my diet to less acidic foods and it didn't make a whole lot of difference.

    Personally, I think we need the "big guns" (antivirals, immune system boosters, TFs, etc) to get the herpes viruses under control.

    I strongly advocate supplements, herbs and natural remedies for certain conditions.

    Would you mind posting again what helped you with UTI. My mom has one again and I think I'm starting to get one,,,,,again. I've had 4 UTIs since becoming ill with CFIDS which is something I never experienced before. I have read that sinus and urinary tract infections are common for some of us with CFS.

    Thanks, Debi[This Message was Edited on 03/06/2005]
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    UTI's have plagued me in recent years, and they were directly linked to sex. A urologist had put me on 1 macrobid (RX) after sex, but I was taking ABX all year long.

    Dr. Teitelbaum mentioned D-Mannose, and I tried it with great results. It is a sugar. He sells it on his website, but it is very expensive. I found a cheaper site on Discover Nutrition, and I buy several jars at a time.

    I take a spoonful dissolved in water before I go to bed. I keep water by my bed and drink it during the night when I wake up during that time.

    Before, when I didn't take it daily, I would get an infection, but I would clear it up taking several doses during the day. It took a day or two to clear up, but I would continue to take it.

    Now, as a preventative measure I take it all the time. No more ABX. No more UTI's.

    Although it is only tested for E-coli infections, Dr. Volpe on web said it is good for all types of UTI's, and I have found that to be true. It is also good for intercylitis (sp?) or chronic infections.

    Every little bit helps.

    Good luck,
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    CherylSue, I used ACV right before meals for a few years....I had some die-off effects and felt a better sense of well-being overall after the dieoff was over.

    But I had to stop it due to severe heartburn and gallbladder trouble. If your stomach can take it, I think it's great. Diane
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    Thanks so much for all the information on apple cider vinegar, I wasn't aware of the healing properties but I still question it's effectiveness against what we with CFS are dealing with. Another person wrote here that they felt somewhat better after taking it...just goes to show how different we all are dealing with this dd. I also believe a healthy debate doesn't hurt either.

    CherlySue, thank you so kindly for the information on D-Mannose even though I think I took your post off topic a bit. I have never had a UTI before CFS and subsequently I'm on my fifth now. It started a few days ago with just pressure feeling, progressed the next day to frequency, and yesterday I was just plain in pain in my lower abdominal area with terrible urinary frequency, burning on urination, running a fever of 101, and just plain feel like the devil. A heating pad is helping a bit today and my signficant other is going out for me today to get some D-Mannose. I too think this was triggered by sex.

    Wishing the best to all and hoping that this bump will get more responses on the vinegar. Debi
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    Gosh, thank you so much for the information Nanna,,,,I didn't realise a UTI could be passed on that way. He's a healthy as can be, how'd I get it?