cigarette smoke bother anyone else?

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    I was reading on the board about the sinus, I have a terrible viral infection right now, could be bacterial, Dr. took culture on Thurs., will find out Monday. He will probably put me on antibiodics as I've been down with this over a week now. My immunity is super low. Anyway, I have a TERRIBLE time with cig. smoke, I just can't STAND it, esp. now, but really all the time. I react horribly. I immediatly get stuffed up, then runny nose, etc. The place where I live, everyone smokes but me so I get no love. Just wondering if anyone else has this problem?
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    Smoking bothers my eyes, especially now that they're so dry. I could hold my nose but I can't hold my eyes! Thank God smoking is now illegal in most indoor areas, and there is no smoking in my house.
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    They say there is no such thing as an allergic reaction to cigarette smoke. But my living lord, it sure feels like an allergic reaction

    I found this when I googled it:
    No one really is allergic to smoke. Many people insist that they are allergic to smoke created by cigarettes or cigars, but the truth is that they have [sic.] having an allergy-like reaction due to other health complications. Understanding exactly why you feel like you are having allergy attack when around a smoker is the key to understanding how to prevent symptoms in the future.

    Smoke technically is not an allergen, but an irritant. This explains most people feel no relief when they take antihistamine allergy after exposure to smoke. The key to avoiding the problems caused by cigarette smoke is determining what type of sensitivity you have and how best to treat it.

    "Due to other health complications" makes you wonder what these are? Well, regardless, if it is something that triggers an allergic response or causes some sort of negative response, I think there should be more regulations. I don't care what people do to their own bodies, but mine should not have to suffer because of it. (Smokers hate hearing that, as if I am being unfair)
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    Smoke makes me much worse. And I can't take the smell of it on me. My mother was a chain smoker and it was one of the few things we fought about. She refused to believe that her smoke was making me worse. When I first got sick, I was seriously, deathly ill. And she would take me in her car to docs and stuff and I would BEG her not to smoke in the car and she would still do it and give me nasty answers like, if you don't like it go by yourself. As if I could have at that time, I was too sick to drive. I could barely keep my eyes open or breathe at all.

    One of my neighbors here is a horrible chainsmoker. He smokes so much that you smell it in the hallway, even though he has a thing under his door that's supposed to block it out. He actually invited me over for a soda recently, and I didn't go. I've been avoiding him because I don't think I can take being in his smoked up apartment.