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  1. Whew, my son and husband smoke like fiends on our back porch but it stinks! Is there something that isn't so overpowering to get rid of that smell. Whoopie goldberg mentioned something on the view one day but can't remember the name!
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    I can not tolerate the smell of smoke... AND I was a smoker for 41 yrs. I became the biggest reformed smoker there is... LOL!!!! I also have mild Emphysema so I can't be around a smoker.

    I hate the smell. I'm just not sure HOW to get rid of it. Do a serch, maybe it will come up with an answer.

    Good luck.
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    I know there are those smokers candles and also thoes ash trays that automaticaly suck the smoke in while some one is smoking,& traps it in there somehow,,,,,,,,maybe if you clean your porch with pinesol,,,,,,,,hope this helps!,,,,,,,,Sis
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    If you are chemically sensitive, Pinesol can cause severe respiratory distress.
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    I still miss it terribly. I still cant swim but a lap without an asthma attack so if it just didn't stink I would do it again, for the rest of my life.

    Ok, what you asked for. First spray the area with frebreze and then burn a handful of dried sage in a big shell or car ashtray maybe. It works perfect.

    My husband and kids are American Indian and we burn sage to spiritually cleanse us and our home. No matter what I cook or we do our home has a mild sage smell by the next morning.
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    my house smells like cigarettes. No one is a smoker but the previous people were despite us painting all the walls, it stinks, plus also when it rains there is an overlay of sweaty sneakers!!!!

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    But unlike the rest of the posts, I'm smelling it on my clothes in my closet. I don't smoke and the clothes are clean!

    Arruuugh. Guess I need a sage fire.