Ciguatera and salt

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    As well as many other symptoms, I developed a sensitivity to salt after getting Ciguatera from a Tuna-fish caught locally whilst on vaccation in the Maldives Islands (South-west of Sri Lanka) in the July of 1998.
    Does anyone else with Ciguatera have a problem with salt, i.e: Do you feel terrible the next day if you eat more than a level tea-spoon of salt in one day?

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    I'd die without salt. Well, okay sounds like you can have some. Sorry I can't answer your question--just replying so you know your post is being read. The board is slower on the weekends.
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    Sounds like way too much to me anyway, unless you are in a hot climate and are sweating a lot.

    1/4 teaspoon is the daily recommendation.

    Do you use table salt? That has all kinds of chemicles.

    I put up an article recently on Sea Salt, have you seen it?

    Tap the words into the search box at the top and a list of posts will appear.
    The article you need reads *Salt is vital - you just gotta read all this article. It has some amazing info.

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    Hi welcome to the board. Sorry I have never heard of the illness you described.

    I love salt, and eat my share of Sea Salt everyday. No, I do not get ill from salt.

    I live in Louisiana, and salt and water are the staffs of life here.

    Again, welcome to the board, and I hope you get more information on your question.

    Shalom, Shirl