Ciguatera: They feed livestock with fish meal !

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    Because fish has a good nutritional profile, they feed livestock fish-meal.

    So it maybe possible to ingest small amounts of ciguatoxin (CTX) from eating beef, chicken, pork or even lamb if the toxin accumulates in the muscle tissue of mammals.

    Eating fish isn't part of our evolutionary history, i.e. Ape's didn't have tackle or trawler's. Human's have never been forced to evolve "biological-counter-measures" for Ciguatoxin in order to survive on a fish diet. That's why ciguatera causes sickness in humans.

    Maybe in 20 years time, we'll all look back and talk about how humans used to eat fish! I could be wrong though?

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    Very interesting, you have raised a good point there.
    Another thread to the woven pattern in this illness...


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    I am not starting an augment here, but man has no business feeding live stock fish, meat,or fowl. They were intended to be vegetarians. The animals that were considered unclean like pigs eat anything and were not considered fit for human consumption.

    As for fish we were meant to eat only those that had fins and scales. That lets out a lot of seafood!

    By the way, I just checked your profile, you are one goodlooking young man :) How would you like to meet my beautiful granddaughter??? (Smile).

    I sure hope you find something to help you with this illness, I feel very bad for you not being able to live your young life in full health.

    Take care, stay with us and maybe something around here will help you restore your health.

    Shalom, Shirl

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    Have you checked with any of the organic meat suppliers in your area? I dont know if organic meat would leave out fish meal or not? You might even check with some of the farming or agriculture associations because sometimes there is one lone guy who raises a few beef or whatever on a very small scale. I know in my area there is a guy who raises a few organically and butchers once a year and if you know about him and get name on the list you get some. We also have a very small farm that raises organic lamb and all this takes place just a couple hours drive from New York City.
    You are so young and all your interests seem to be of the sports and outside. Now that isnt possible so try not to get lost in the greif of that loss. Being young you have much to explore about yourself and learn a new passion that will fit into the limitations of your circumstances. Life can be wonderful again even if it is different. Dont fight your limitations, bend with them and learn how to work around them while you continue to heal. I wish you joy and better health.
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    you arent kidding, i checked Ciguas profile too and boy oh boy talk about a heart throb...

    i am only about a decade older but dont mind younger men Cigua...wink wink ;)