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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Dalphia, Nov 21, 2005.

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    Sandy, Happy you feel you've turned the corner after four months. I have attended the Atlanta FFC since Aug. 29th and gotten I.V's every week. My conditon is so very much like your's and learned last Tuesday I have Lymes........of course, I'd already suspected since the first group of test results included Babesisa...........

    I've been able to pick up that this herxing state will probably last about 4 months. Currently being treated for Epstein Barr and not know when Dr. B. will begin treatment for Lymes. I really dread the die-off (herxing) of the Lyme. Was your's very bad????????

    Also, may I ask what treatment approach you started on for the Lymes??????

    Are you feeling good or just noticing an improvement along the process of treatment...........we will certainly just have to wait on the end to come but if we stand firm and follow instructions, I really believe we will see ourselves into remission. This I pray for everyone suffering with these and other illness...........

    Take care........

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    Sandy goes to the Atlanta FFC and I'm going to Denver. Sandy also has lymes and has been a real trooper. We've supported each other through this herxing and die-off.

    I was tested for the lymes co-infections through Igenex and they were negative but positive for Lymes IgM. Apparently if you have the 2 co-infections plus the lymes the herxing is even worse.

    I started antibiotics July 25 and today is Nov. 21. Yesterday I went for a walk with my son and it felt good. Instead of three trees I was only seeing one! That's how bad this lymes and chlamydia pneu. was effecting my vision!

    Also I'm getting my appetite back. I've hardly eaten in the last 3 years! seriously. Lost alot of weight.

    Everyone is different with the herxing depending on how many infectious components are going on. I'm noticing improvements, that's a big step in the right direction.

    Oh ya, when I went to the clinic the Dr. suspected lymes from all my symptoms and did the Igenex right away. That was in June and in July I started:

    Doxycycline, biaxin and now added the flagl. I took 1/2 doses since I was so weak and could not tolerate anything more. Now I'm almost at full dose.

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