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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Dalphia, Nov 21, 2005.

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    Well Cindy, I accidently addressed my post to you as Sandy.......who, I might add, has been absolutely wonderful in explaining the herxing to me..........I have been having a terrible time but things seem to be letting up today. Sandy and so many others have really been there to support me and I am really thankful for the support this Message Board has to offer!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Again, happy you are well enough and have the stamina to have taken the walk, hopefully, you are ready to have many, many more............your update truly inspires me and I look forward to getting along as far as you've come in four months........

    And yes, you are correct in that those of us with Lymes, plus the other co-infections have a much more difficult time with the herxing.........there were times I didn't think I'd get through it. Deep breathing and light exercises helped tremendously....

    Thanks for sharing your Lyme treatments, I'm kind of anxious to get started in killing the bacteria off even though I know I'll experience more herxing!!!!!!
    but it will be worth the experience.

    You mentioned your vision and seeing three of some things. That prefectly describes me and especially at night while diving the oncoiming car appears to be several and their lights have halos (so to speak) around is truly dangerous when our vision is compromised to this extent.........

    Againk, thanks for your update and keep on improving.....Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  2. pumpkinpatch

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    Pre-Treatment and Getting Better:

    Yes my vision, zaps in the brain, especially behind eyes, sore eye balls, eyes feel like they were going cross-eyed. Head so tight and sore. So dizzy and nauseated. No wonder I couldn't eat.

    Especially stiff sore neck and upper back, sore knees and elbows.

    The list goes on:

    Hang in there you have the ability to slow down the herxing by minimizing the dose.

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