Cindycor...did Canadian Insurance cover your lab costs?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by toronto133, Sep 14, 2005.

  1. toronto133

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    I live in Toronto and have been seeking medical treatment in the U.S. In particular the Cleveland Clinic.

    Have any Canadians been able to claim any of their expenses on their private insurance or through their provincial health plans? I didn't even think this was a possibility.

    Thanks to all of you who have shared your stories and info on these boards.
  2. pumpkinpatch

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    Great question: I submitted my claim in July to the Alberta provincial health out of province claims unit and they replied needing the CPT codes so the Denver Clinic sent them this week. I'm hoping to be reimbursed a little. Will find out more in the next month. I also just had more blood work done and will send that in as well.

    One other thing is I claimed my U.S. medical expenses on income tax this year. Revenue Canada sent me a letter asking me to send them the originals and everything was fine. Make sure you save all your receipts.

    I need to ask you something. Do you have a private insurance that will cover the prescriptions by an American doctor? My husband just started a new job and will have private health benefits.

    It's alot of leg work but I know will be worth it.

  3. toronto133

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    Cindy....I am having a hard time with the U.S. prescriptions. I must get them signed by a Canadian physician in order to claim them. My old GP told me all of my problems were "stress" - therefore I have been working through walk-in clinics here in Toronto!

    It really rubs salt in my wounds that I have to go to the U.S. for treatment - then I can't even find a doctor here who will help me to follow the recommendations of the specialists there.

  4. pumpkinpatch

    pumpkinpatch New Member

    I hear ya on all accounts.

    I'm new to this city and don't have a primary doctor and was using the walk-in clinics. Made my weekly trips in for months and was getting nowhere.

    They never followed up on any abnormal blood reports ie. low sexual hormones and wanted to put me on an anti-depressents and had to beg for estrogen patch! Had a rheumy appointment and was told to take elavil and exercise, nothing for pain except tylenol 3.

    Was going downhill fast and decided to try the Denver clinic so flew there in June. There is one fibro doctor here but takes 1-2 years to get in. Can't wait that long. Boy it sure takes energy to be an advocate for your own health.

    Wish they had these clinics in Canada. Oh ya, I doubt that I'll be covered for the pregnenolone and dhea blood work since it's not sold in Canada.

    Nice to see hear from another Canadian.


  5. toronto133

    toronto133 New Member

    If the prescription is available in can order it through one of the Canadian Internet Pharmacies that normally ship to the U.S. You can ask them to bill you in Canadian $. That should be ok for the insurance company here.

    This didn't work out well for me because the prescriptions that I received from the Cleveland Clinic had refills for one year. The pharmacist at this Internet pharmacy - called the doctor at the Cleveland Clinic and told him that in Canada we do not fill prescriptions for that length of time and had the prescription changed to 30 days!
  6. pumpkinpatch

    pumpkinpatch New Member

    I will ask them. I use the online pharmacy based here in my city just a few minutes away! Easy to pick up. My refills are for 3 months at a time but billed in Amercian dollars.

    How long have you been going to the Cleveland FFC?


  7. toronto133

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    Actually, I have been going to the Cleveland Clinic not the Fibro Clinic there. I had a few problems together - and have made 5 trips there this year:-( Don't want to think of what I have spent this year. I didn't even know what Fibromyalgia was until a few weeks ago....I thought my pain was neuropathy or arthritis.

    Was your experience at the Fibro centre your antibiotic treatment working for you? I have been on antibiotics myself for the past few months and am dramatically better than in the Spring.
  8. pumpkinpatch

    pumpkinpatch New Member

    It's amazing what they found and will be finding out more since my new set of labs were faxed to the clinic yesterday.

    To look at me you wouldn't know that I'm so broken inside. I've gotten good at covering up.

    I know that my hormonal levels and immune system is improving. I feel so much stronger and now have an appetite and the food is tasting good! I went for almost 2 years forcing myself to eat. I guess it's a fiscious cycle with the low immune, poor nutrition, viruses, infections etc.

    My pain level is still the same and maybe even more but I'm sure that's from the antibiotics and if I do have lymes they are coming out of hiding. I tested with the Igenex, California and was slightly positive so that could be a no or a yes so we are treating. Maybe because I'm more alert and I'm just more aware of the pain. Anyway the Denver Dr. is phoning me today and we will revamp my antibiotic plan.

    I've been on Dr. T's daily drink & B caps since April and everything else since June.


  9. Pianowoman

    Pianowoman New Member

    I'm from Toronto as well. Nice to have you here, toronto133.I believe that the ME Assn of Ontario has a Doctor referral service. Their web site is

    Good Luck.

  10. toronto133

    toronto133 New Member

    Thanks Cindycor and Kathy... and I'll try the referral service.

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