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  1. peggy

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    Yes, it does feel encouraging to have some answers! Now I shall wait and see how much they can do to give relief. Are you having to ask to have the infectious blood tests done? My doctor just ordered them after the first round of 28 tests on all the hormones and antibodies. I hope you get some answers and some relief!!
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    Yes I wish they would have ordered all the infectious panels because now I'll have to go back or cross the border and go to the nearest hospital with my lab request form.

    I was tested for lymes, 2 co-infections, EBV, candida, chylamdia pneu. and as you see there are some missing. I'm sending in my cortial kit this week as adrenal burnout is also a big culprit.

    I think we are going to start antivirals and see how I do. Have to cover all my bases.

    Boy I'm going to have to find a nice "sugar daddy" to pay all these expenses. Adds up but will be worth it in the end. My energy has improved but pain has increased.

    My hormone levels have really improved. I don't need the DHEA anymore and my hot-flashes and night sweats completely stopped with the estrogen patch and progesterone.

    It's amazing all the different areas that are effected. Like a domino effect.

    Oh ya, my T3 and Reverse T3 is right on target now so things are looking up.

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  3. peggy

    peggy New Member

    I am so glad to hear of some improvement!! Hang in there and I will do the same. Keep us posted on your progress. I am still in the stage of feeling worse before feeling better but I've only been having treatment for about 6 weeks. Thanks for your reply

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