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  1. jane32

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    How are you?

    I was lookign up some old posts and saw that you were treated for the neurotoxins..did it help? I just created a new post about it.

    Are you still on that med?
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    I took cholestyramine, it didn't really help at the time but that was before I starting attacking all these infections, hormones, sleep etc.

    I had taken the Shoemaker VCS vision test online and failed. I should retake it now and see if there is aa improvement.

    Maybe now it would be more helpful. I have a full tin here, I should give it a try. I've been using burber & chlorella, podi-foot pads and they have helped.

    How are your fevers! I have the opposite problem. My body temperature is always so low, like around 95-96. Yikes! I'm almost corpse material. Apparently the lymes love cold low oxygen environments so they have a pleasant stay!

    Tomorrow I'm going to try Infrared Sauna treatment.


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  3. jane32

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    I hear the saunas help. I woudl be curious to see if it works now for you.

    In b/w my fevers my body temp would get really low too. I didn't like that feeling either...but once I started t3 it doesn't go below 97.8.

    I still get my fever cycles I should be done this one tomorrow. I just think there has to be some unknown infection that is causing these...

    The weird thing is years ago before I got sick when I was run down I woulf get a fever and have feelings of malaise but it would only last a day or two. I never understood that and no drs. could explain it. It wasn't bothersome like these with chills but it was odd.

    Someday we will all figure this out!!

    Sorry if you e-mailed me and I didn't e-mail you back. I use that for work too so if a bride e-mails me and I start doing some things for her I totally forget to go back to my other e-mails!