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    het--i just got your message about the t.p. injections-----no they are not alot of fun----------i too have d.d.d.------as well as a host of other things-----in my profile----------im in such a flare right now i cant type all that!!!!!-------im also taking strong pain meds---------i guess im just in a real bad flare!!!!!----------do you think the injections should have worked by now?------------i had them on monday-------thanks for your reply--------love to all---------laura
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    Shalom, Shirl
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    Hi Laura,
    Gee, I do not know if the TP injections should be working or not, I know I went and had more about every week or two, I also did PT, and had cervical and lumbar epidurals, during these times.

    I have not been RX any pain meds due to being alergic to many of them.....

    One thing though I am going through a divorce at the moment, which is very stressful in a way, but not having to deal with the alcoholic husband has helped with the tension I had been feeling.

    I really feel with the DDD, it is very hard to be pain free.
    Laura, I hope you find relief soon....Carpal tunnel, too...? I have that also, had surgery on left about 8 years ago.....right one is bad surgery yet...on it.
    I get alot of arm, neck pain....DDD....hip and lower back..

    Do you get acid reflux, too?
    Do you go to Pain Management? Or what kind of doc do you see for your pain? You do not need to answer this, I was just wondering...
    Take care.....keep me posted on how you are doing....Have you tried Mobic for the DDD? It is a non steroid anti inflamatory seems to help me....better than voltarin....just a thought...

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    hey-i just read your reply--------thanks and thanks to shirl for bumping---------yes----i have severe carpal tunnel in both----------yes the pain travels--------i dont mind answering----------------i go to a neuro/pain management specialist----------he dx me-----------i called him early this am-------------did not leave the house until 3:30--------yes-------they called 10 mins. later-------said if i got back before 4:00 to call------------NO------- ididnt make it home in time----------oh well--------we have discussed surgery for the c. tunnel----------cant afford at the time----------anyways-----thanks for your response--------ill check in later---------i hope you are well------LOVE TO ALL-------LAURA---------------sorry-----im just real down now---------feel defeated----------was doing very well-----------until about 3 weeks ago--------im usually more positive-------
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