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    Hi, this is hotfoot,I don't know what you thinkyou need to apologise for??I was not offended by anything.hon.Just want to thank you for holding me up in prayer.I knowin these daysthe devil is fighting against Christians like nothing Ive seen!So if we're in the battle together his aim isn't quite so accurate as it could be against us.Unity& prayers of the saints avail much!Let me know how I can pray for your needes as well,I hope you get this I keep writing and sending it back to myself.I'm so good with computers-NOT_hotfoot
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    This is so funny~I just went to read any updates from your post and I saw where iI said that. Duh~ I just finished editing it if you check back you`ll see. I`m not too good at typing what I mean to say sometimes! Do you still have your parakeet? Hope so. Still praying for you & your distressful time with your divorce. I didn`t catch your post about any details if you had one (would never pry tho), but I`ve been thru one~I understand and lift you to the Lord in prayer.~~~~~~hope, Sib