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Discussion in 'Spirituality/Worship' started by inpain3, Oct 26, 2002.

  1. inpain3

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    hi!! i read on your profile that you like the "left behind" movies.
    well, i love them...i watched the "left behind" one, and a few others all in one night..they scared the you know what outa me!
    i was saved that night...prayed all night till daylight...couldnt go to sleep! i praise the Lord daily for comming thru that way for me..it may have been too late if i had fallen asleep and not watched.
    i have seen left behind, the tribulation, the judgement and another one...are there any more? lemme know, i would love to watch them....bible in hand of course...

    thx for lettin me ramble...love to find ppl who share things i like!
    God bless!!

  2. CJ-Tex

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    I haven't seen the movies I have read the first 7 books and started 8 the other day. I think there are 10 out now. I really like them, they are well written and have intrigue along with a strong message for us all.
    If you are interested in reading the books, I might suggest you look for them at Half Price Books, WalMart or Sam's that is where I have found them at the best prices.
    Have blessed day.
    In Faith,
    C J
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    I have read all the books except the last one, because its still in hardback In fact I have read them twice. You should really get the books they're great!

  4. Cactuslil

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    you speak. Could you list them here or give me a clue? Thanks. CactusLil'
  5. CJ-Tex

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    The books are the "LEFT BEHIND" series. A popular series of scripture based fiction about the events leading up to the second coming of Christ.

    In faith,
    C J