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    Hi, Anne here.

    I just got back from my great vet.

    My cat has only 25% kidney function but she said that by the time they test most cats (due to weight loss and vomiting) most have already lost 75% as they do not routinely test.

    The good news is that on the KD diet with the Ave Inhibitor half a pill a day, his new thyroid med half pill a day, plus the Omerga 3 and 6 mixed with food, she said she beleives my cat will live out the rest of his life quite comfortably with the 25% and live a few years yet.

    The problem, she said, is when they get to 25% and it is missed and they dip below that.

    She was kind enough to advise re Tabby for you. She said that the fluids are probably what the cat needs to flush out the kidneys and stabalize her, and thereafter, she should be able to make the same sort of recovery most cats do, and then live a fairly normal life on the special diet and pills. However, she said, like humans we must always bear in mind that this varies cat to cat, any other illnesses that are underlying, and the cat's own will.

    So I felt that if she thinks my nearly 14 year old will do OK then there is a reason to hope. She said it will all depend on whether they can stabalise her on the fluids and you can successfully take it from there.

    I told her that she was becoming the board's vet, via me, here and she liked that. She is a doll and VERY smart.

    I ended up taking the Science Diet for my guy for now until she orders in a couple of others, the Royal C one and the other one someone here recommened Natural something.

    Let me know and prayers and good luck and dear St Francis watch over Tabby.

    Hugs, purrs etc

    Love Anne C
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    Hi Anne :>) Please forgive me for not getting back to you

    and the board sooner. Yesterday was a bad fibro day for

    me - I think all the stress and emotion of Thurs. and Fri.

    caught up to me and was on heavy medication for pain

    yesterday. Today, I went to church for the first time in

    almost a month ( due to ovarian cyst problems) and was very

    happy to get to go this a.m. even though I cried through

    the last 2 songs we sang as I was still feeling weepy from

    thinking about Tabby and other stressful personal issues

    that hadn't been emotionally dealt with. So, after church,

    me and the hubby dealt with some issues, and I sure do feel

    better. :>) When things get stressful in life, it is so

    easy to push the people that we love the most away, and

    sometimes vice versa in a marriage. AnyHOW,

    THANKYOU,THANKYOU,THANKYOU, for your post, and taking the

    time to ask your vet about Tabby. You just don't know how

    very much that means to me! ((((((((((((((( HUG))))))))))))

    And what you vet said, along with others comments really

    leads me to have alot of hope that Tabby can live for

    months/possilby years if her treatments have stabilized her

    kidney function. When I brought Tabby home, she was just

    plum tuckered out. The 2nd day was even more stressful

    than the first because she was not sedated and so, I had to

    physically hold her while she had the fluids running

    through her. She must have not felt "safe" in the middle

    of the table they had her on because she kept scooting up

    to me until she was 1/2 way off the table, and she hung her

    little head off the front end, and so I held her head and

    half her body. I kept moving her back to the middle of the

    table but she just kept scooting back towards me, so I just

    let her scoot! Anything to make her comfy. The treatment

    was really stressful/hard on her and I am hoping we don't

    have to do that for quite a while again. The vet gave me

    an oral antibiotic liquid w/ a dropper to give to Tabby 2x

    per day til it is gone for her mouth infection and he gave

    some eye drops for her too. She is on Hill's Prescription

    Diet Feline k/d - I bought this from the vet. She is

    actually tolerating(eating) it real good! I am happy for

    that! What is the Ace Inhibitor? Is that a vitamin? and the

    Omega 3&6? I was so excited/happy to hear what your vet

    had to say about the condition that your kitty and mine

    both have. I asked the vet specifically what kidney %

    Tabby was at and he told me that prior to treatment she was

    at 50%, so that made me feel better, seeing how he told me

    just about what your vet had said , that most of the time,

    the CRF goes undetected until 75% of the kidney function is

    gone. Did you have your kitty do the fluids too? I will

    keep your kitty in my prayers as I pray for Tabby daily

    too. :>) LOL I find it so amazing how encouraging your

    vet was and our kitties have the same disorder, and your

    kitty only has 25% function. I have been told by another

    that my vet is very serious minded in his personality, and

    I could definetly tell. He was so very serious w/ me on

    the phone when he gave the diagnosis, but, he seemed more

    optimistic/positive after the first day of treatment. He

    said tha the really hopes to bring Tabby's kidney function

    back to normal and that doesn't mean she won't have the CRF

    and won't have to have treatments down the line , but it

    will greatly help. He also encouraged me, saying that if

    by some chance the treatments did absolutely nothing for

    her kidney function, that we still have options for

    treatment - not to lose hope still. So, I am not! :>) I

    think Tabby is pretty tough and she will hang in there if

    she knows I am there. That is one of the reasons why I

    wanted to be there for her treatment, I didn't want her to

    have any reason to feel alone and

    get "depressed"/agitated/stressed even more than she

    already was. This whole thing has been an emotional

    rollercoaster, it truly has. Tabby is doing really good

    today. To me, she looked real refreshed the evening after

    I brought her home from treatments. And she looks good

    now, has been more herself today vs. yesterday and before.

    She is relaxed again now. I have her food,and litter box

    and blankets all in her room, so she doesn't have to run

    for the potty box. But, I have noticed , she has not really

    run for the box since being home, and she hasn't been

    drinking excessive water. Just praying this can last. She

    is purring on her fave blankey all stretched out right now!

    I go back to the vet on Wed. and they draw blood to test to

    see how her kidney function is. This is the test I am

    still stressed out about. But, I am better than I was. I

    am trying to figure out how they can take her blood without

    it being traumatizing for her. While she was in her 2nd

    day of fluids, I learned that if I took my hand and covered

    her eyes up when the vet or asst. would come in to check on

    her, she wouldn't get all stressed out. Just seeing

    someone else other than me terrifies her terribly. When

    the went to take out her IV she pee'ed and screetched and

    scratched me a good one. I just hate to put her through

    the stress if I can help it. Anyhow, I better get going,

    time for church again! :>) Thankyou so much for

    everything, Anne. Love and hugs and prayers for healthy

    kitties! Carla ( sorry so longggggg! your gonna have a headache after reading this one!)
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    just bumping
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    Oh it sounds as if this has been an ordeal for all.

    My vet said that my cat should do fine so long as we keep him on the KD Diet(which actually he hates!)

    The Omerga 3 and 6 she swears will improve kidney function in cats(and dogs and people too) I got one from her as it was actually cheaper than going to the drug store. They are just the capsules and I prick on and put it over food. BUT as kitty is not eating the food, I put it in his mouth.

    The Ace Inhibitor is a very low dose. Your vet will know what it is. It opens up blood vessels as it is a vasodilator. When they flushed Tabby it was to flush out toxins from the kidenys and open up the vessels.

    Becaue my kitty is already at 25% function (did not need to be flushed though)I really have little choice than to use the Ace Inhibitor. He also started on thyroid med.

    She will re test him in 8 weeks and see where he is at re kidney then. He is just finicky with food, so I may have to try lots to get one that works. Also so difficult with the four cats all needing different foods...

    Glad you got to church and things are better for you dear.

    Purrs and Hugz

    Love Anne C
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    So happy to hear that Tabby is doing well. I'm glad she is eating her food and that is working out well too. I'm sure you are exhausted from the two days.

    Happy to hear your cat is doing well too. I haven't meant to ignore you it was just so confusing with you both having cats that were having kidney problems.

    I sort of worry when that day will come for Biscuit. I dread it... Biscuit will be 12 on 5/23/06.

    Hugs to you both,

  10. cjr2003

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    Maybe instead of yearly check-up's with the vet for Biscuit, you could do 6 month check ups after he turns 12. Couldn't hurt anything, as long as the budget allowed. S-thing to think about!:>) LOL Carla

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