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    I know you are collecting rocks for your hardscapes but I saw this product at Menard's (a store here in WI just like Home Depot but cheaper) that has something called a Germination Blanket that works great for use on hills and ravines. It retains water and helps seed germination. It is also biodegradable and it covers up to 50 sq. ft. and costs $12.99. It is a little pricey for a large space but maybe if you have a walk-way for the girls or something.

    This would be so easy to grow some grass with your clay soil.....just put the seed on the blanket and water and you will have grass. If I could shake your hand right now I would bet you $100 you could grow grass with this system. The girls could even walk on it and their are no chemicals!

    I think I'm sounding like a salesman for this product but I have worked with something similar in the landscape trade and it truly works. It was typically used on very steep hills to help with erosion control.
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    Hey there- how are you doing? Is your basement still wet?

    Thanks for the info and I do beleive I will check it out, maybe go online if it is not local available.

    I changed my profile pic for you. If you look to the back you will see a white strip, that is the exposed gravel from the last ditch I had installed.

    We decided it was the only way to keep the water from the hillside flowing over to they yard. He could not dig it at the base where I wanted it because of the hill so that left a area about 2 ft wide between where the grass on the hill grows and the exposed gravel.

    So I am using the rock as a border and removing part of the gravel and replacing it with the sandstone rock so it won't look so obvious.

    I also need the gravel for my driveway. Since the ground was so soft when they put the driveway in, it has sunk quite a bit.

    Right now everything is soft again so I have been trying to remove the buried gravel at the edges and replace it with the smaller sandstone chips then put the gravel back on top of it.

    As you see I do have SOME grass, lol. Now that the ground is softer I was going to break it some and trying planting grass seed, but will check out the blanket.

    Everything was so uneven with lots of little hills and valleys that I have been working on the high spots and getting everything level before I tried the grass. I still have a lot of gravel in the dirt making lumpy areas.

    I will sit out on my stool with my big screw driver and pick them out, hey I got nothing but time,lol.

    My other option would be to pay someone with a backhoe and dozer and a BIG truck of expensive topsoil and I am not will to pay that price. I have other things I need or want so am being tight,hehe.

    Thanks for the tip, I do think I could handle that. I may have seen something like that in a planting catalog I got in the mail awhile back, hhmmm- I hope things are drying up for you-Carla