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    Carla .. thank you for thinking of me .. I'm trying to move on .. I know time will help .. I'm not sure if I mentioned that my husband and son really wanted me to agree to getting a new little furball .. they were so struck with grief as well.

    We did .. after going to our Human Society ( couldn't find the attachment there .. even though Lucy, our 7 year old came from there) .. went to all the pet shops that also were adoption sources for the HS .. but on our last stop we thought we found "the one" .. had to call our son at work and have him come down and see for himself as well .. We all had to be "ok" with what we were doing and who we thought would blend in the family and with our Lucy.

    Her name is Sophie .. she is part Main Coon and part Himalayan/Siamese blend .. she is amazing .. 8 weeks now .. she is still working on Lucy to accepting her .. and it is working .. they ran around the family room this morning like mad hatters .. Lucy complains but I think she is liking the company.

    No cat can replace my Molly .. and we all know that .. she was such an exceptional unique wonder to us .. I will miss her every day of my life.
    Sophie is a little light to us .. she is helping us move on and we are grateful .. Lucy will be too, eventually !

    Thanks again Carla
    Joy : )
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    Your welcome. I know how hard you thought about letting Molly go, I have been there.

    I am so glad you found a new family member. She sounds wonderful. Part Main Coon and Himamalaya/Siamese. You must post a picture, I can't imagine what she looks like.
    Sounds like Lucy will be fine. Animals do greive but they recover much more quickly than we do.

    I love kittens but I will not ever be able have one until I get Missy under control. She goes into red alert mode everytime she see a cat. She has lived with 2 cats for 9 months before Bubbus died. She never accepted them and always chased them to higher ground.

    I tried working with her in many differnt ways but nothing works, I feel so sorry for Smitten. She took up in my bathroom sink cabinet.

    It use to be in my mom's house and when I re did her bathroom I kept the cabinet which had a pink fake marble double sink in it. I put a new. sink bowl and a new ceramic countertop but could not fit the cabniet against the wall. So she uses this gap in the back to get in and out.

    I took all the stuff that was under there out and made her a bed and a place for food and water. In order to spend time with her, I have to shut the bathroom door and get her out. Also when the dogs are out I get her out and she has the house to herself. I feel so bad for her.

    Sounds like Sophie bring you many years of good memories, She won't replace your Molly but she will give you a reason to smile everyday. Take care-Carla