CKBALL: Important!! Before your surgery:

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    Before you have the surgery, download, "Guidance for Fibromyalgia Patients Who Are Having Elective Surgery," from the Oregon Fibromyalgia Foundation. It is archived on our own ImmuneSupport site. It has six tips that can help you cope with uit. For example, #4, "Ask to have a long-acting local anesthetic infiltrated into your incision - even though you will be asleep during the procedure. The rationale for this is to minimize pain impluses reaching your spinal cord and brain, which in turn drive central sensitization." You'll want to read the rest.

    (Sorry I did this twice, but Ckball is having a needle biopsy tomorrow [?], and I didn't want her to miss this.)

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    You said a mouthfull. Tomorow I go for maxillary surgery for four teeth. As WE all know, most of us do not localize and must MUST ask that epinepherine be left out of local anesthesia's. Most docs do not see patients like us and cannot initially believe us until they see for themselves then it is a {WOW) and your off to another doc who should be able to perform various procedures using some sort of IV sedation or even anesthesia (intubation sp?).

    I have oral surgery tomorow. Originally to be u/general once my history was taken the doc said no! Also, as most of us have, I have mitrial valve prolapse, now rarely but still ocassionally PVC's, plus diabetes and the trailings of Pred. reduction. Well, that nipped the old surgeon in the bud and he is giving me IV sedation "where I won't remember".....I looked at him and said " I will in reality feel every little thing you do!" That is not what I call ethical! Repressed memory of pain! Great balls of fire!

    Anyway that is the way the cookie crumbled. I must get these four teeth out of croak of septecemia!

    Please, to all. Read what Pearl referred to. We who have these syndromes/ conditions must be very alert to what we allow to be done. A simple procedure for us could be torture! Wish me well. I go under at 2:00p.m. Lil'