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    Hi Carla, Just posting off the porch here on a side track. In fact, I am hoping to post some of our original unwritten rules we started out with on #212 one of them being if you have a side issue, post that person direct, so following my own "rule".

    I wanted to talk more about your floaters. Do you think it is because we strained our eyes with all the crafts?

    Mine right now is left eye and circles of cobwebs practically obliterating seeing properly, or just darn annoying with the way they dance about. In bright light I also get dots that flit all over too. When we drove to Buffalo this week Dan said "Clean the windshield" and I did not even know it needed it, just presumed it was floaters(LOL).

    Try this though, look in a mirror, the floaters seem to go away. This must have something to do with the reflective quality, as of course, the way we see is by, not seeing directly through the front of the eye but from the projection at the back of the eye feeding info to the brain.
    As we get a "double reversal" in the mirror this may be why they can go away then.

    I am trying to train myself to look beyond the floaters, by focusing on say my finger or a picture some distance away, or when driving a car some distance away as I have heard we can train our brains NOT to see them. In fact, I heard that most people actually have them, but only a few people see them.

    I just got back from a contrast MRI to make sure that this and some other eye issues, like palinopsia (this is where you see after images) are not the result of a pituitary tumor or aneurysm. When I read up on palinopsia, some people have it 1,000 times worse than mine which is occasional and only in certain situations, like for eg at a show or concert where I have to look at a lit stage area.
    So I am keeping my fingers and toes crossed that the MRI will just show the usual suspects of the white matter lesions that I understand 80% of the population over the age of 45 probably have, it is just they are not MRI'd, so don't know it.

    You mention the blue kitchen, I recall you were doing that a while back, and we have to paint ours here. We alreday did one coat of a sage green on the walls that looks bluey to me, and already I want to tone that down, as that palish bluey green is the worse for this. I may go a darkish green, with cream cabinets with an overrub of a copper type green on the raised parts.

    There is so much to do in this new house. I may not have told you we moved to this nice little village up near Lake Eerie about 45 miles between Erie and Buffalo, last August. Specifically so Danny could find his way around town easily walking, and also for small school system (only 160 kids at his Middle School)where they had a small classroom on campus for him. We just love it here as the State University is in the village so we get so many perks yet keep the village lifestyle. Plus it is a mile from the State Thruway. I live pretty close to Lin and we met up once and will do so again. She is a doll!

    We have yet to sell our other house but have a renter who will probably buy and that covers the mortgage and taxes etc until the housing market gets better. I hope she buys soon for the good price now, as we want to probably buy something with rental income apartment attached here as we have come to the conclusion it is the only way for us to have enough to live on in a few years time, and also that would pass to Danny, he would then have a place with rental income. We would also like to offer the aprtment(s) to special needs people, who we could watch out for.

    Right now, struggling along on less that $25,000 a year for family of three and the cats is hard, but we make do. When and if we sell, I want to take up my stained glass again. Did I tell you that Dan (DH) left our stained glass kits in NJ when we moved "as they were too heavy", so we shall have to start from scratch. Do you get your glass locally or via catalogue and if so, which?

    I just loved your daffs story and pics and was thinking about it under the MRI today.

    Hope things get better for you. Love Annie
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    Hi Annie,
    I don't want to intrude on your post to Carla but I have what I call "flies" all day long. They are little black spots that fly around my eyes all day long. I figured they came with the migraines as the aura but I do have them even when I don't have a migraine. The next time I see my migraine dr. I will be sure to tell him about this because I did have an aunt who passed away from a brain aneursym (sp?). I never realized they could potentially be related to anything.
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    Monica- no your not butting in, you seem to belong to the floaters club too.

    I have had floaters for years and have trained myself to look past them. I get a eye exam every six months because I am on plaquinal.

    Sometimes they do get in the way of me reading, part of a letter will disappear, then I blink and it comes back.

    It has been a long time since I did any research on them and what causes them and right now can't remember all the causes. I also have night driving issues too with the oncoming traffic, the lights blind me and leave the "imprint" that you mentioned.

    I hope your MRI gives you some good results.

    My kitchen is terra cotta with hand stained blue cabinets by mio. I bought stock unfinshed oak caninets at Lowes. Then stained, glazed and sealed them, everyone thinks it was professionally done.

    I still have to do the wall of cabinets I use to store my stained glass, they are 4 2ft x 7ft panty cabinets connected to look like a wall of cabinets. It has been 2 years and they are still unfinished.

    I have been either buried in other projects or flat out on my back recovering from said projects,lol. Last year I had a beautiful red tin roof put on my white house and a sreened in porch/deck attached to my studio. I have before and after pictures posted on my glass site. I haven't been doing the glass because of other things that have been going on and my upper back issues.

    I am sorry your had to leave your tools in NJ, they are not cheap. I was buying glass once a year. When I went to my daughters in PA there are 2 stained glass manufacturers that are just a bit out of the way, but it is much cheaper than catalogs.

    One place is in WV near the OH/PA/WV panhndle called Wissmach, they were selling large scraps like whole sheets for $1 a pound and the other place is in Connelsville PA called Yougehngany sp? it is like Tiffany art glass but a devil to work with.

    I am glad you liked the Daff stories. That is the only way I can look at getting anything done, take baby steps, like the ditch, one shovel at a time.

    Yes I knew you had moved and you and Linda had met, she really is a special lady. I was considering a trip to Niargra this summer with my 17 yo grandaughter but because my daughter has shut me out right now, I don't know if I will get to see her this summer.

    Things went south when I had to sell my mothers house and everything in it. She got married in Finglas, Ireland last May and niether I or her father attended. Her and I had a great freindship until she left her husband for the one she is with now. Then she started pulling away from me and her dad, he lives in PA a hour from her. I am 500 miles away.

    It seems like when you own a house, there is always something to so. I like the darker green with the cream colors, nice contrast. I painted one bedroom room a nice mossy green and really like it.

    I made my own baseboards and door facing last year out of relaimed knotty pine 1 x 12's that came out of my mothers house. It was hard but well worth it. even faux stained the white 4 panel doors to match the cherry finish on the wood. Really warmed everything up and has a earthy filling.

    Well gotta get back to work. Have been paying bills and filed my Stimulus Payment for my mom and myself. Had just taken a break to eat lunch and saw your post.

    It is so good to have you back on the boards again. You did a great job of explaining the porch "rules". When do you get your MRI results back? Take care and see ya on the porch-Carla
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    for your nice letter Carla. I will check your glass site out, is it on your profile? Also Monica, the whole idea is to butt in- thanks. The thing I was told is that when you first get floaters is to see eye doc to make sure your retina is not getting impacted by a tear (that is tare not tear as in cry).

    The MRI is because I have the palinopsis too. This can indicate a pitu. tumor or aneurysm as I said. I don't think floaters themselves have any brain link.

    Hey guys, do the mirror thing and see if the same thing happens will ya? Curious.

    Love Annie
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    The mirror is weird! No floaters, I am not sure why, maybe the because the mirror is a similar color to the floaters.

    I rarely notice mine anymore, just when I am in a Dr office, bright light, white walls, ect. They started about 15 years ago and people thought I was crazy trying to swat the flys, gnat away, lol. Yes you can see my profile to find the pictures, then look for Before and After.

    Monica I hope you are feeling better, sounds like you are having a rough time right now. Carla
  6. Cromwell

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    yes that is strange about the mirror.

    Talking of which we just got a bunch of photos from a wedding I went to and I was shocked at how I have aged on camera from photos taken two years ago. Definately got "the neck" going on for sure. Time for a Lifestyle Lift!!!!(LOL)
    I will be 62 this year, it is just having a) younger Dh and b) nearly 14 year old son that makes me worry about looking so hargard.

    You know the fly things I can manage,they seem to flit about and come and go at a whim, it is the always there cobwebby stuff that is in circles that bugs me, it is like bits of a veil.

    Oh and I wanted to mention that the werid eye stuff you get with migraines(ocular migraines) looks like arcs of jagged light and you can get badly distorted vision.

    It is so sunny here today I cannot venture out even though it is 27F, the glare from the snow is just too much.

    Have a nice day you guys, carla you have had some rough times whilst I was gone.

    Love Annie
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    Thanks Jamin for the GE info, I have heard many people talking about this but just haven't looked into it yet.

    I take so many things already, you know what I mean? How much would you say it cost a month for the average dose?

    Annie- yes I have been a busy girl this last year, I think I could write a book but no one would believe it,lol.

    Once I get the drainage issue done and repair my golf cart, had a minor fire but still works. That was a fun ride,not! then I can have time to decide what I WANT to do instead of what I HAVE to do.

    I was at that place 6 months ago and had surgery on my big toe to take out the badly damaged joint and do a fusion. Was just going to rest and relax while I healed. Then the foundation art fundraiser happened, then went bad, fixed it, then yard backed up with water, that is just from Sept.

    Some how I am still standing and I can buy regular shoes!!! Don't know why I put it off so long, about 3 years. Did you see my place?

    Good luck with your "life style" change,lol. I do understand and it really is just that. We can not eat the things we did a "few" years ago. I don't do fruits or vegs and am a carboholic so it is hard for me. That is where the walking comes in for me. I haven't got back into the habit yet but plan to now.

    I have only had one maybe 2 migrains in my life-had the bright colors and tunnel vision, they happened after I had a spinal xray thing where they put the dye in - a myelogram? any way you can't raise your head for so many hours afterward and you still may get bad headaches. I did.

    A freind of mine get massages for hers and she says they help. Well better go, I was taking a break while the golf cart was charging. Need to get these girls out and excercised- take care and see ya on the porch or here, where ever-Carla :)
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    Great info re the GE-I may give that a whirl for sure.

    I am being a baby with this I know, just need to get over it.

    We had french trenches dug when we lived in the barn (had converted to house) and they worked wonderfully well.

    Nice guy came with a ditchwitch and dug the trenches and we laid draintile in "socks"(to stop weeds growing) and backfilled via the ditchwitch again with inch or so river rock.

    Gosh I don't know how you do all this Carla. I have to get to yur site and check it all out.

    Love Annie