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  1. laceymae

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    Hope the dogs are calming down...

    Just wondering, the MRI, did u have it done at Kings Daughter's?

    i was curious about their open MRI they have. i can't do the regular one and don't look forward to driving to Lexington...

  2. ckball

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    Yes, I don't know if they have a open MRI, my was closed. I am not clausterphobic and I just took more meds, muscle relaxers, than I normally would because I knew it was a 2-3 hour scan.

    They give you ear plugs because it is very loud. I have never had an open MRI. What are they looking for on you? I would at least call KD and see if they do what your looking for.

    My dogs are basically good dogs but they think they are boss, especially outside. It is getting out of hand and I am to blame for not training them more when they were pups.

    I am a lovable leader and they don't respect or obey lovable leaders. Thanks for asking.

    I am so sorry about the jerks that broke in while you were at you aunt's funeral, that is so sick. I had to go out and spend $30 for new extension cords, still need to replace my gas can, plus the 5 gal of gas that was in it.

    I hope you get to feeling better soon-Carla