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    Hi everyone,

    I wanted to know if anyone has had problems taking Claritin? Well actually Clarinex, but I am pretty sure Claritin is the same thing, just over the counter. I have posted other topics out here, I have been having some more debilitating problems. I noticed a while back, if someone hit me, like one of my kids playing around, the pain was bad from something really dumb, something that should not hurt at all. And the pain got worse after the hit or thump, or whatever. Then I started feeling like it was hard to breathe, sparatically throughout the day. Which then led to a feeling of someone sitting on me, with there hands around my throat. Sometimes the pressure would travel down my jaw bones and into my ears. Also sometimes I get this itch in my chin, thats under the skin, can't really scratch it. So the doc says it all my allergies, even though I know how my allergies affect me, and this isn't it. But I guess peoples allergies can change. So he gave me clarinex and symbicort. I took symbicort once, and was about to call 911. It felt like it paralyzed me from the waist up internally. Scary as hell. I will never touch that again. I took the clarinex for 2 days and noticed that about an hour after taking it, I had pain all in my face, like sinuses or something. Oh yeah, they scanned my sinuses about a week before this and they were clear. I also have constant mucous or something inn my throat, but no runny or conjested nose, no itchy watery eyes, no sneezing, no nothing. Could clarinex hurt me simply because it's not allergies? I am so tired of trying to be the doctor. My head hurts so bad, I seriously can't think sometimes. Right now it's in my ears and face, pain that is.Just the other day, I got mad at a teacher who told me she could have a conference with me a week later, because when she said Sept 17, I for some crazy reason thought we were still in August, even though I had known the real month for weeks, it's like my mind just leaves me sometimes, my head feels so swimmy or something. I get dizzy now, a lot. When driving and having to always be shifting your eyes at other cars etc, it hurts . Sometimes I feel like my eyes jump. Its weird and I am sick of it. I guess I'm trying to figure out if this is Fibromyalgia, or they haven't figured it out yet. They just are quick to give you a prescription for xanax, which I refuse. It really pisses me off. Even though I have had this for 16 years, I learned to deal with it, I keep living my life. But now I feel like it has me. This breathing thing is scary, and I don't know where to turn, but I don't think its allegies and asthma. I did only blow 77% at an asthma test, but I think there is another reason for it. Also, I am better if I lay down, if it were asthma, I don't see me being better laying down. One other thing, has anyone had an issue from mold? Or can anyone pinpoint where their sickness came from , when it started. I was healthy as a lark until I moved into this house full of mold. I'm talking fungus growing on the floor, mushrooms out the sides of my bathtub.DISGUSTING, but I was newly married at 18, and who cared right, I was out of my parents house. I've just always wondered if that's what did it to me. My first symptom came about a year after living there. i had a stiff neck for months, then numbness and tingling, headcahes, etc..Was originally tested for Lyme, because of the neck but it was negative. Does anyone wonder if fibromyalgia is what they really have? Sorry for the book, but noone to talk to about it. Hoping to find answers here!

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