Class Action Suit on Fosomax

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by TaniaF, Apr 22, 2006.

  1. TaniaF

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    In our newspaper this morning, there is a class action suit against Merck about Fosomax. People complaining of Jaw pain and oral surgeons say that this type of drug causes necrosis of the jaw.

    I have been on Fosomax and Actonel off and on. It seems like when I take the drug I ache so much more, SO I tend to forget to take the drug on purpose. I do have bad osteoporosis.

    A few years ago, I had a horrible ordeal with my teeth. They had pain and I went to the endodontist. They took x-rays of my teeth and said they couldn't find anything wrong. I insisted on root canals and after they got into the tooth, they found necrosis (meaning the root was dying). I had almost all my teeth root canaled and now have a mouth full of crowns. I really think it could have been the osteo drugs.

    My alternative dr. has me on calcium, extra vitamin D, and BioSil (a silicon trace mineral) and magnesium. Anyone else fighting osteoporosis the natural way?

  2. marilynb

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    I was dx'd with Oteoporosis a year & a half ago & since I can not swallow large pills, my Dr put me on the nose spray, Miacalcin. I didn't even think about the nose spray causing my aches, but know I wonder. They are getting ready to come out with an injectable Boniva but you have to go to the Dr every 3 months to get it. (I think thats better than a pill once a day) It is really sort of an IV. I will learn more about it when I go to my Dr in about a month. They want to try that on me.

    I do know that my mom was on both of the ones you are on & she used to have major muscle cramps in her upper stomach & also her hands would cramp up to where she couldn't even open them up. Then she started having trouble swallowing & ended up in the hospital. It ended up, she had a mass in her right chest that pressed up against her esophagus (sp)
    & totally blocked it off. She lived her last few months with a feeding tube in her stomache. Looking back on all her problems that she had for years, I wonder now, if she had FM. She always told me she was lazy. Didn't complain a whole lot about pain, but when I would call her to see if she wanted to come over on a certain day, she would always say, "If I feel good. I don't know, will have to wait & see" I would even offer to take her down to see her bother, who lives about 3 hours from us & she would say, "I don't think so, honey" She would just say she didn't feel good, but refused to let me take her to the Dr.

    Well, I could go on & on about that, but that was not your question. So sorry I rambled.

  3. TaniaF

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    Thanks for posting. Do some research on Boniva. It is the same type medicine as Fosomax and Actonel. When reading some reports on Boniva, it did state Jaw pain as one of the side effects.

    I'm going to give my DO doctor a call this week. He practices integrative medicine and see what thinks about all this news about the osteo drugs.

    Last visit, he did bump up my intake of vitamin D and put me on 3 drops of BioSil (silica). Not only for the bones, but vitamin D has been in the news as a wonder supplement for many ailments.

    I'm wondering how many women out there have osteoporosis and treat it naturally. What did women do in the past???

  4. Gly

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    I couldn't tolerate Actonel. It gave me GERD which I am still dealing with. I've been taking calcium and vitamin D and was an avid walker (before FMS) for many years and I still have low bone mass.

    I sometimes have the sensation that my back molars are loose and decaying. I am waiting to see a gum specialist for this. My dentist had not heard of the Fosamax/necrosis connection until I told him about it. I don't think that's my problem because I had only taken 3 Actonel tablets in total, one per week.

    In the past most women didn't know they had osteoporosis because it doesn't cause symptoms until fractures occur. Also the average life span was shorter. Another thing was that we did not restrict going out into the sun until recently so they probably received more vitamin D. Sedentary lifestyles are another risk factor. Even healthy people are sitting at computers or in front of TVs a lot now and a lot of the manual work is being done by machines.

    As yet there is no proof that low bone mass will cause fractures. We have no way of testing the quality of the bone, just the mass. It's possible that the new class of drugs is building a mass of lower-quality bone. We don't know yet. My doctor says, "All I know is that when I put little old ladies who have broken bones, on it (one of these drugs) they don't break their bones any more."

    You poor dear, having all those teeth root-canaled!

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