claudiaw and everyone, my hearing.

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    I don't know if I won or not.

    My lawyer said she wasn't sure if I did or not either.

    My file was about 8 inches thick they had to hold it together with a rubberband.

    I don't know what to think now I will worry about this until I know.

    So cladiaw how did your hearing go?

    Do you know if you won?

    Did you have a lawyer?

    My lawyer asked me alot of good questions.

    The judge just seemed kind of gruff but at the end he said it was nice to meet me, and that he thought he had enough info and understood my case (whatever that means).

    But he didn't talk to either of my witnesses but I think he knew he wasn't going to ask them any questions when we went in b/c they had them sit behind me.

    Well hope you won, Pamela
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    As soon as I was out the court door I thought of you.:)
    I hope you get it.
    If you are like me you really could use the money and health ins.
    I had an advocate, she is not a lawyer, but use to work for SS, so she knows what they look for when deciding a case.
    I was not allowed to have anybody come in with me.
    I was very nervous and now feel like I could have explained or stated some things better, but I will drive myself nut's if I overthink it too much!
    My advocate said i did great, she feels like I should win, but of course there are no guarentees.
    The judge really did not say much or show much emotion, he just said he would send me his ruling in 60 to 90 days.
    My advocate said that is normal, rarely do they ever tell you right there if you won or not.
    I came home so tired I took a 3 hr. nap!
    If you are like me you do the should said this or that, try not to.
    It's over now all we can do is wait.
    I hope for the best for you, let me know when you find out.:)
    try to relax tonight and enjoy it being over!