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    I think it is neat you have your hearing date the same day as mine.

    I will be thinking of you and praying for you, i hope we both get it.

    Where is your hearing going to be?

    Mine is going to be in Shreveport, Louisana.

    I have 4 people going with me.

    They all want to try to help me get it b/c they can speak at my hearing.

    My husband is going b/c he has to deal with me and my daily life, helping me with the household duties, i should be doing b/c he has a full time job.

    Then when he gets home he usualy has to put clothes to wash, then he washes dishes and cooks a meal.

    He also has to give my son his bedtime seizure meds and get him to bed.

    Which can be alot of work b/c my son is mentally handicapped.

    2 of the people going with me have fibro too and alot of the other problems I have.

    Then my brother is going too.

    I don't know if anyone else has told you not to wear make up, jewelry and not to dress up.

    My sister in-law said if I am having too good a day on the 14th that I should go walk in a mall or walmart so I will get to hurting for sure.

    Also since I am trying to get it for depression too that I should think of something that makes me cry.

    Better go Pamela
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    My hearing is in Nashville, Tn.
    My advocate said it would be best if I go alone. My husband is too stressed. if they say somethung to me rude, he will get upset for sure.:)
    I have a letter from my boss ( I have not worked in over 1 year) stating what I use to do and how that changed with my condition.
    I guess she feels that is enough.
    I was also told to not dress up or wear make-up.
    Won't you know I have been feeling better lately!
    I ahve to remember to answer the questions according to how I usually feel, even if I am o,k, that day.
    My appt. is so early (8:45 a.m.) I won't have much time to wear myself out before the hearing.:)
    My worst fear is not being able to answer the questions.
    It is hard to think, they may think I'm tryin to make something up!
    I also tend to try to make it sound better than it is ( my way of coping and avoiding explaining to people).
    Well I'll keep you in prayer.
    P/s. did your lawyer suggest your friends come with you?
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    in case you are out there somewhere.:)
    P.S. I have a hard time keeping track of these posts, they move so fast.
    I can only stay on for so long , then I need a break or to log off.
    By then my message is long gone!:)