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    I am hoping and praying for you.

    I have heard that about not wearing make up or dressing up but I have also heard not to wear jewlery and if you usually use a cane or walker on your bad days that you should take one of them with you.

    I am going to walk the mall and do some other things like that on the 13th and the day of the hearing.

    I am excited and nervous and just ready to get it over with.

    The judge that ruled in my brothers case is more than likely the same judge I will have, he was very nice and let him know that he was going to get disability before they left the courtroom.

    I am trying to get mine on depresion too so my sister in-law said to take pictures with me of my Mom who has passed away from cancer and for me to look at those right before I go in, I have pictures of her in the hospital, the last time I ever saw her alive. Those make me really sad.

    I found out after all the denials on my case that SSA didn't have my reports from my psycologist, those are very important to my case.

    That lady thought I should go into a mental health hospital for a while.

    So I will be praying for you and keeping you inmy thought and you please do the same for me, thanks Pamela
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    I am bumping this in case claudiaw hasn't seen it yet.
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    I will be thinking of you and will pray for you.
    I will be done about the time you are going in.
    I have heard the same about dress, no make-up, etc.
    I do not use a cane or wheelchair, I have shoulder and lower back problems that would be aggravated by those.
    my P.T. and doc. don't reccomend it , because it weaken's muscle more, but I know some don't have a choice.
    I am going for disability on FM alone since that is what is keeping me from working.
    The depression I have is from not being able to do what I use to do.
    My mother also died when I was 17yrs. old, so I know what
    that is like.
    I am nervous about how it will go, but i am glad it will finally be over soon.
    I will keep you in prayer.
    I sure could use it too.:)