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    I will pray for you too.

    My lawyer said she notice I also talk too much when I get nervous.

    I know I do!

    I feel the same way as if I were waiting on death row too.

    I keep saying my trial instead of my hearing.

    I am so worried I will say the wrong thing and so is my husband b/c my lawyer said that if you say something he doesn't believe that he will just close your file and say well if that is what I find in your case then you will win and if not your lawyer will explain.

    She also said it takes this judge a long time to make a decision in most cases.

    She even said there is one lady who had her hearing in feb 05 and he still hasn't givin a decision in her case but he is sending her to different dr's that are not agreeing with her dr.

    But she says it may be as soon as 60 days or may be as long as 90 days.

    Good luck hope everything goes well for you, Pamela
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    I will be thinking of you too!:)
    This is one of the worst feelings I have ever had.
    I too feel as if I am on trial!
    I guess in a way we are.
    I just have to remember to keep my mouth shut as much as possible.:)
    The less we say the better, I just hope I can say what is the most important quickly.
    sometimes I have to build up to it by talking a bit and then I can think of the stuff that is the true issue and most important.
    OH well, whatever happens, happens.:)
    Let's breathe deep and relax ( yeah right!:)
    Best wishes to you, Claudia