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    LEFTYGG Member

    i bought the scrubbing bubbles for the shower about a month ago and its wonderful. after you shower you push a button and it sprays entire shower area.

    it really works im getting my mother one this week.

    another thing i love is my swifer vaccun its $30 and it picks up hair and dirt great and lightweight i keep it plug in when not in use and its ready to go. theres a cup you empty easy.

    i love gadgets that make cleaning easier love GAIL
  2. 69mach1

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    sure beats scrubbing and wiping...i have always liked xr-14...
    spray then wipe...but the bleach...

    i was thinking of you when i just posted about my son and making all-league in track for shot put and discus...

    he starts footbal on friday...

  3. hopeful4

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    It sounds wonderful, but I'm concerned about the chemical scent. I used scrubbing bubbles toilet wipes, and the chemical and perfume odor knocked me out. A spray, for me, would be worse.

    I guess I have to stick with more natural cleansers. I also found that the Mr. Clean Eraser works great, and no chemicals with it.

    LEFTYGG Member

    chemicals dont seem to bother me my boys thought it was shampoo and it sprayed straight on them .you can use it with curtain it may lighten inside of it. it give you 15 seconds to get out of shower.

    i have really hard water and its helping with mineral deposits it cost about $25 at sams
  5. twerp

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    you can get a $5 coupon for the product. Thinking about trying it myself, even though it sound like one of those "too good to be true" things...


  6. Scapper

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    Does this contain bleach?

    The Mr. Clean eraser has bleach in it. I'm so chemically sensitive and bleach makes me very sick.

    Just curious -- always looking for natural, safe ways to clean.

    thanks, scapper

  7. sues1

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    Using liquid soap for bathing sure cuts down on soap scum in the shower and tub and doors.

    We used to love Neutrogena but they stopped making the unscented. Right now I am using Dove.