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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by ggks, May 26, 2007.

  1. ggks

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    I went to two garage sales, this morning and found two brass swans. They were quite dirty so I washed them. One has some rust on it and the other one has several dark places that look like dirt but isn't. What can I use to clean them?

    Thanks for your help. ggks
  2. Denamay

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    You might try lemmon juice or vinegar mixed with salt.
    Hope it works for you, Denamay
  3. Drill sargeants, etc used to make us scrub EVERYTHING with something called "Brasso" I believe it was spelled... an old t-shirt, and some brasso, & elbow grease, for our cheapo "class A's" buttons, belt buckles, of the barracks.. :-O

    maybe look for something like that, at wal-mart... they have all kinds of stuff to care for leather, silver, gold...etc?

    Good luck, the swans sound fun..wtg.

    Loveeeeee garage sale finds :)

  4. mrdad

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    For a quick solution, try TARN X. I just saw it at Walgreens Pharmacy today. It's a liquid and soak the idem or brush it on with a nylon type brush! Subless
    ammonia should also do the trick but cover your mouth
    and nose and avoid inhaling it.

    Could be that the idem is not solid brass but possibly
    plated brass. If ya take a magnet to it, it will not stick to
    the metal if it is solid brass. The only other non-conductor would be pot-iron!

    Good luck!