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    don't post much but read alot of posts.

    i remember reading a while back where someone said that they got help with a cleaning lady and since they were disabled someone paid for it.

    i am in great need of a weekly cleaning lady just can't do it anymore but being on disability i can't afford to pay for it either.

    i live in alabama. if you posted the post please let me know or if you know where the post is please let me know.

    i searched cleaning help and house cleaning help cleaning lady and i didn't find anything i am just to groggy to keep looking so any help you give me would be greatly appreciated.

    have a great day all.
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    Try the local Area on Aging and the Welfare Dept. You are entitled to get a free person to come in and help. There's a program through the Area on Aging. You need to setup an appointment with them. They come out and evaluate your needs, then they assign someone to come in for you a few times a week. It gets paid for by Medicaid and I think Medicare. You shouldn't have to pay at all if you have Medicaid.