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Discussion in 'Alternative Therapies' started by Straightarrow, Sep 23, 2009.

  1. Straightarrow

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    What do you use to in the way of alternative products? I can no longer tolerate bleach. I bought some products from the health food store (earth something) but the scent still irritates me and vinegar drives me crazy w/ its odor.
    Does anyone use teatree oil or anything else? I looked at a product that I'd like to buy with tea tree oil but it is so expensive.
    What else is there and what has worked for you?

  2. SnooZQ

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    is a pretty good oxidizer/stain remover/disinfectant -- less potent than bleach at the commonly available 3% concentration, but I use it to pretty good effect.

    And it's cheap!

    Take care when using tea tree oil. Be sure to dilute it & use protective gloves. TTO was banned from pet care products in Australia many yrs ago after kittens started dying from neurotoxicity linked to the TTO. It's a strong solvent, will zip through your skin & head for fatty tissue.
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    Hi Kris - I have given up using most cleaning products after I discovered MicroFibre cloths. If you get a really good quality cloth, you don't need a lot of cleaning products as the cloth will get rid of most dirt. They are great for cleaning counter tops, sinks and tubs/showers, stainless steel sinks, appliances, windows and mirrors, for dusting, washing walls and doors, etc. They will even get off tough dirt and grime that most cloths won't touch without a lot of effort. For anyone with ME/CFS and/or FM, they are great.

    If I find I need something extra to remove dirt, I use baking soda. It doesn't scratch or leave any residue.
  4. Straightarrow

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    Thanks for the suggestions. I just bought a huge bottle of peroxide and was also told you can put it in your laundry. Is it as effective at getting rid of germs?

    I have the micro fiber cloths and love them but mostly use them for dusting and wiping the mirrors. Do they get rid of germs? I'm a teacher and can't afford to get sick. I notice now I am getting headaches more at work and wonder if it's from the cleaning products.

    I used to be the type to spray everything down with lysol but those days are gone. I still never feel quite clean enough. Neurotic, maybe? Our school had several cases of MRSA last year and none were my students but it changed us for sure.

    A friend also suggested Amway but I haven't looked into it. I remember a neighbor used to sell it.

    Thanks and any more suggestions, feel free.

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    Yes on the microfiber cleaning cloths!,,,,also i found a product called "green works" put out by clorox and it does a very nice job in the bathroom with very minimal toxic fumes,,,,,good info here!,,,sis
  6. Grumpy Gus

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    I have always like Method. Cool colors and nice smells. Seems to work as well as anything else.

    my 2 cents.